It was used to attract suitors this historic dance of mating that even to this day continues in more modern ways. While we drop a napkin with our number on it or jot it on the inside of the matchbook, a lady who dropped this particular item was trying desperately to catch the eye of a certain distinguished gentleman and let him know his attentions were welcome.

We have so many more technologically advanced ways to show our interest today in discreet anonymous ways like a wink with Zoosk or a poke on Facebook, Tinder, Grinder and Tok Tok. The last being for a more persistent endeavour of hinting that you are available). However, the main ingredient of the ritual still is a must-have for any vintage fashion enthusiast.

Hanky Panky With Vintage Handkerchiefs Style Tips

The Handkerchief

This pretty piece of lace may seem insignificant and easily forgettable now in 2012, as we all have fallen in love with the disposable Kleenex brand, but any extra article that represented beautiful feminism has always been a welcome attribute in a women’s wrist clutch for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

And really while Kleenex has made advantageous strides by incorporating lotion into their already soft tissues, if you have to blow your nose and like me represent an elephant calling its young from a mile away, then you might as well opt for a classic vintage style handkerchief so as to distract from the noise and have something pretty encompass your nose.

Hanky Panky With Vintage Handkerchiefs Style Tips

Convert Fashionable Hankie Style Tips

One way to convert this fashionable hankie is to adorn it on your purse strap. Tie in a cute bow and voila! You made a statement. Belt straps or flip-flop straps these places want to be outfitted as well. With their scalloped edges, novelty designs and bold flowery prints they can dress up any outfit and strap this way.

Take a plain headband and wrap the hankie around the top, taking several to add some interesting contrast, even tying some to resemble rosebuds. Or you can wrap it around your ponytail adding not only some vintage charm but reviving the little girl in us who loved bows, bows, bows and more bows in our hair.

This is a good way to hide the “Tuesday-morning-just-skipped-washing-my-hair” dirty hair syndrome and give the birds in the air soaring above our heads something to smile about as they catch a piece of times past in your hair.

Or lockdown life where you can’t be bothered doing your hair at all. But need to do a Zoom meeting.

Hanky Panky With Vintage Handkerchiefs Style Tips

If you haven’t taken notice yet the vintage handkerchief has more purpose now tied in knots than being utilized as a nasal passage ornament. It can transform a blank white curtain rod with dozens of hankies tied in little knots, become wrapping paper, quilted into patchwork, and since it has so much personality it doesn’t need glitter, bling or extras to spice it up.

Grace Kelly was a master of headscarves too. Great to wear when driving classic cars like FIAT in Tuscany.