In Lucca Tuscany, it is famous for converting palazzos into luxury flats. How do you use colour to make your flat feel and look bigger? How can colours create a relaxing Feng shui? How do you get natural lighting peering into your flat?

Brick Wall Art

I love how this painted effect is used throughout the flat to give an illusion of space. By painting on the existing wall and using plasterboard. The brick effect is very popular in small flats in Italy. Clever interior design in small flats will make or break your way of life.

brick wall art


Flats can look much bigger thanks to framing. Whether it be a circle above a door that will have a mirror in it. Gives an illusion of space and a period feature vibe. Framing around an ugly door also adds class to the flat. On this occasion using paint and art giving a feel of framing gives this flat a regency feel and it looks lovely. Very relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

Interior Design Colours - How To Make Your Flat Look Better green Interior Design Colours - How To Make Your Flat Look Better

Parquet Flooring

Small flats need wood or parquet flooring for a cosy and lovely feel even on your feet. In most flats like this people do take their shoes off. Wooden flooring on your feet feels so natural and a mental state of mine connecting to mother nature.

Wall Paper Art

When you are seeking nature within your flat. There is endless wallpaper art. The colours are strong and on this occasion, animal prints add that mother nature ambience. Using tropical prints, and dark colours within a room makes one relax, and fall asleep.

As an alternative to wallpapers, you may also consider printed canvas. Wall art installations are one of the easiest to implement interior details that will help you to create the desired atmosphere.


Using plenty of natural wooden objects with sustainable pillow is why one can create their own wellness where they sleep.


Using your clothing as art features is another way of reminding you of upcycling garments. In this case the cardigan is too beautiful to not have it on display.


City Views

It is important to have as much natural light and views when living in small flats. Also what you are looking at makes your mindset acts in positive energy is flowing freely when in confined spaces.

flat view

Arches are a fabulous example of outdoor views when you are living in a small flat.

Kitchen Spaces

Kitchens are very tricky to maximise space. But storage is the key and also keeping granite worktops as clear as possible regarding cooking and entertaining.

The key is less is more. use vintage crockery for a lovely ambience. Also to have high-quality items to cook with. I like the kitchen with extractor fans that have a pipe that exists outside so the cooking oil smell stays outside. Make sure you create that. Also, your working space should always be facing windows. So when entertaining guests you are facing the dining room.