In the last few months, I have reviewed fifteen hotels in Italy and in Holland. What I am noticing is the new bathroom wellness trends for guests. From Dior inspired wallpaper or colour tiles clashing, that puts me into overdrive relaxation.

First invented in the 1880s, Crittall metal-framed windows were hugely popular in the Art Deco era. As with many design trends, it has come back around, but this time with a contemporary twist.

Use it in bathrooms for windows or to frame shower screens and it is very well used here in the Movenpick hotel.

I want to experience a bathtub in the master bedroom. Have separate two bathrooms with a dedicated rain shower. Hotels are in fierce competition and when it comes to room wellness the experiences are overwhelming both in decor and interior design.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks Movenpick hotel The hague

Have a look at this tile art. I adored this bathroom so much I did youtube style tips for two days in it.

Bathrooms are now less confined to clinical white, polished ceramic and a clean contemporary feel. Instead, people are becoming more confident about going busy and bold in bathroom and powder rooms.


In the last 18months, we have been forced to be in lockdown and travel within our own country. Staycation has never ever been so popular we have no choice. So what do hotel’s have on offer to people who know their own country? But are seeking a wellness retreat outside their own front door.  We all want to feel we are on holiday and stay in hotel’s that have come up with safe and new bathroom experiences.

Movenpick The Hague

Define A Wellness Inner Room Luxury

What do I define as niche luxury bathroom stays? What is important to me when I stay in a five-star hotel regarding amenities and bathrooms?

It must have luxury oversize towels I can’t find at any other homeware shop. It must source the best cotton money can buy. The amenities must be a reputable brand I am used to. And everything in that bathroom should be a limitless supply. The rain showers should be bigger than anyone’s at home. The double separate sinks should be in the bathroom, why should I share?

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

Vessel sinks are very popular for 2021. Korakril sinks are very popular in Italian hotels than have been refurbed.

Look at the double sink option in this hotel palace. I could pop my head out and see the canal lifestyle of Venice.

purple and gold bathroom Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

Embrace blooms and foliage in your smallest room for the biggest, boldest and brightest impact. Are what hotels are opting for too.

Bathroom Dining

This must be the largest unique bathroom style, an experience I can’t replicate within my own home.

Where two people can bath their night away. Bring in elements of both styles for a balanced effect, with soft, Scandi curves set against clean lines.

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

One emerging trend in bathroom remodelling hotel trends is the incorporation of natural elements. Using plants is a great way to add a bit of colour and liveliness to the space.

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

The baths were huge and the trending bath materials used now is like bathing in silk. The Rubelli luxury made in Italy curtains, in each palace room was stunning to see, feel and use. These curtains are from Venice. So hotel’s need to embrace where possible local ateliers for that more personal and cultural wellness experience. It means it can be replicated around the globe. But there is one and only one true Venice.

Tile Art

The tiles have to be state of the art in design, colour and of high design quality. The windows must have a view to die for. The mood lighting should be adjustable.

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

Use less-obvious choices and warmer metallic tones such as copper and brass. They create visual impact and change the mood from functional to indulgent.’

It must feel like a luxury wellness spa of the highest quality. ‘In general, hotels are being far more adventurous with materials presently than in the past, incorporating greens, blues, yellows, basically anything a bit out of the ordinary to make their own mark

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

Look at the tiles behind the sink it is a true message of being in Venice in a palazzo it belongs to this room alone. That is a bathroom luxury hotel experience. I want to escape when I am in a hotel bathroom suite.

Advances in technology and product development have also allowed for new colors and finishes in ceramics.

Designer Taps

The taps must inspire me to return and be a memorable bathroom experience. The touch of a tap or the design of a sink should allow me to smile endlessly. This trend is heavily influenced by the 1960s and 1970s when metals, and brass, in particular, were used frequently. Metals are now having a revival in all design disciplines

purple and gold bathroom Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

The gold taps were amazing. One’s that were specifically made for Hotel Hueraka.


Hotel Heureka

Hotel Heureka is a former 16th-century palace that has the most eclectic interior design I have ever seen. The bathroom experience I had was like no other. The attention to detail within the bathroom is why it is one of my best inner room wellness since 2015.

The gold towel bars are all attention to detail when staying in a wellness-focused hotel. Dark stones for the floor or walls is becoming very popular in hotels. Even a black bathroom for a relaxation idea.

The mix and matching of old and new were what I would expect in high-end Pallazzo stayed here in Venice.

This bath within the room was amazing. So much fun and pure luxury. Whether it’s a glamorous pooling of fabric or a classic louvred shutter, a window dressing plays a crucial role in the success of an interior scheme, and now bathrooms are taking note.

Mood Lighting

If the setting is in a former palace then I want to feel I am in a palace. Like mood lighting luxury lightings. If I am in Venice I want to experience everything sourced from Italy like Rubelli fabrics from the lamps to the curtains.

Hotel Heureka palazzo Venice Italy

Movenpick The Hague

This is a warehouse experience bathroom. But loved the metal interior design and the clashing of so many tiles and Dior inspiring wall art.

Movenpick The Hague Holland

Movenpick in The Hague is all about unique experiences.

Movenpick The Haag Holland

I joined forces wearing my Versace shirt and Alberta Ferreti mules.

This playful bathroom meant my wellness was about videoing this bathroom gave me energy. The ambience made me feel happy and focused.

Venice Lido That View

At Hotel Excelsior the use of Murano glass lighting and more tile clashing made for the hotel was a wonderful reminder that Murano glass can only be found and sourced in Venice.

bathroom Hote-Excelsior-Venice-Lido-Review-Italy-

The mood in this hotel was hot, vibrant and stunning to be in. The best toilet view I will ever have compared to my home.

bathroom Hote-Excelsior-Venice-Lido-Review-Italy-

With these bathroom views of the lagoon and Venice in the distance, it was truly a wonderful stay.

bathroom Hote-Excelsior-Venice-Lido-Review-Italy-

The toilet view! To experience artisans like this regarding interior design is why it makes my wellness stay so special.

bathroom Hote-Excelsior-Venice-Lido-Review-Italy-

Kimperton De Vitt Amsterdam

As for a large Penthouse bathroom stay. Kimpton De Vitt offered a mind-blowing work of art when it came to tiles.

Geometric patterned tiles, for example, a spike design adds a dose of elegant appeal.

Kimpton De Vitt Penthouse Holland Amsterdam bathroom

Basket braiding patterns are popular in modern bathrooms.

Kimpton De vitt penthouse Amsterdam Holland

We use the toilet so often why don’t hotel’s make it playful.

Double sinks to a separate bath and shower with endless amounts of amenities, made it so much fun and relaxing. I did lots of videoing in here too.

Kimpton De vitt penthouse Amsterdam Holland


As travel has come to an increasing halt and the world of aviation is at an unimaginable standstill. Then hotel’s have to reinvent themselves regarding indulgence. Bathrooms within any suite have to offer different mental health solutions. We are seeking a world of a hotel stay that can make us feel like we are on a beach at a spa getting a massage. Inner bathroom experiences can and must take a whole new meaning. Hotel’s are leading the way to lure in clients to embrace a relaxing and soothing experience.