How women should wear a harness comes down to boldness, a fearfless attitude and being adventurous without judgement. During the last 18months, women have embraced creative ways to pass their time during several lockdowns. Have we not all gone through our lingerie and pondered ways of being more creative at home, within the bedroom and if online for a tinder date? This taboo mindset of only certain figures and women can choose to wear a harness should no longer be an influence of not embracing a world of lingerie harness.

Step out of your comfort zone, read the guide that we created for you.  Pick up the ideas that appeal to you the most, and go ahead trying them out in your own life.

Harnesses are known as lingerie items for the brave. You could not very often come across a woman who wears it on a daily basis. Still, this could be just a result of believing some stereotypes and the lack of experience in creating new looks. To bring some fresh wind of changes, now we are going to present a few powerful ways how to wear stylish women harness accessories more often.

Lingerie Harness - Style Tips For Wearing A Bold Leather Harness

4 Easy Tips on Wearing a Lingerie Harness

Those elastic bands known as harnesses have become popular for their luxurious looks. Different colors and shapes make them a good choice for many women. Regardless of their body skin shade or favourite colors, in the modern world, you can find a harness to match your taste. The perfect place to shop for leather harnesses for women is MarieMur – the online store with exclusive lingerie of top quality.

So, a harness for women can be worn in our everyday life in the following ways.

1. Under The Clothes

For the women who naturally prefer not to look very frank or tempting at work, there are great models of women’s harnesses for wearing as underwear. In fact, most of those harnesses will be perfect for such use. On the one hand, they add more hops to the look and make you feel more confident in yourself; on the other hand, they don’t try to draw unwanted attention from the opposite sex while being busy with everyday work.

2. On top Of An Elegant Dress

An outfit like this can have different effects. If the dress contrasts with the harness straps in color, you are sure to be noticed. Add a neckline and you’re a star. So, if you want to demonstrate the female charm in its full glory, go for contrasts.

Another option is to take closely related colors. In such a case, it will look both tempting and restrained. A great variant if you are against ‘too much’ sexuality in clothes.

3. In classical Style

If most of your time you wear a trouser suit, a blazer, and a shirt, it’s not the reason to refuse to wear exclusive harnesses for ladies. Looks like a harness plus a suit or shirt will play on contrasts as well, combining a purely feminine element (harness from Marie Mur) with a masculine shape of a strict shirt or blazer. Looks like these are recommended to complete with formal shoes replicating the texture and color shade of the harness accessories.

These ideas of how to wear a leather harness women that we have listed above are not the limit. You are welcome to turn on imagination, experiment, and find unique ways to express your individual style, taste, and preferences in outfits with a leather harness.

Is Harness Wearable In Any Season? Making Up Looks for Different Times

Other ways to defy convention and style a harness in your wardrobe relies on the season of the year.

In summer, this silhouette-shaping piece of clothing is wearable in a whole variety of combinations and looks. For example, a nice trend appeared to wear a harness with a summer dress. However, it should be done with taste and the harness should match the style of the outfit. On top of monochromatic dresses or those with geometric prints, a harness will look good which can’t be said about flowery dresses.

Lingerie Harness - Style Tips For Wearing A Bold Leather Harness

How To Style Your Harness?

Blazers are also good clothing items to combine with leather harnesses as in 2021, we often wear, for instance, linen or cotton blazers even in hot weather. Add the harness over (or under) your blazer, wear the look with shorts, trousers, or skirts, and don’t forget that other accessories should support ‘the mood’ of your look. Having too many accessories is a mistake too so try to limit yourself with a harness, a pair of earrings or bracelets, a minimalistic chain, and universal shoes or sandals.

Lightweight tops and blouses will also be balanced by harnesses. Still, be attentive about the colors you choose for a summer outfit: light textiles and pastel colors can look rather weird with black and dark brown leather harnesses. So, consider replacing them with white, milk, blue, or other matching tones which won’t cause disharmony in the palette and overall impression from the look.

Jewelled Harness Types

Winter and fall are not the excuses to put the harness accessory in a far-away locker. Woollen and cotton dresses, on-button suits, looks with big volume sleeves, and even boho styled apparel. Wearing a harness in these seasons will add one more layer so make sure you feel comfy having a harness under the winter coat or jacket.

Lingerie Harness - Style Tips For Wearing A Bold Leather Harness

Many of such looks were suggested by Vogue in 2020 and now a harness remains a popular add-on to most fashionable outfits. The magazine even includes jewelled harness types and says it’s a huge game-changing detail for any outfit whether it is a new dress or an old sweater.

Leather Harness

I love leather because it feels great and resembles a high-quality message to my body. Leather harness moulds to your body movements. It’s like wearing a pair of Dior leather lattice boots.

Lingerie Harness - Style Tips For Wearing A Bold Leather Harness

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Pick the Best Harness Pieces for Your Looks All Year Round

All the ideas with detachable harness straps that we described in the previous paragraphs might seem too bold right now. Still, as you continue to experiment and every time adding a different flavor to your look, you will figure out some nice combinations and use them more often.

With the wide choice of harnesses on Marie Mur in every color from red to green, your looks will be brave and unforgettable. The huge selection of harness materials is also a good reason to consider MarieMur as the place to buy this accessory and have it as an attractive and comfortable add-on to your looks in all seasons.

Don’t hesitate whether to buy a unique harness or a cheap harness for sale.

Choose and enjoy your new and braver looks.