I adore lattice leather. It is not easy to find too. I own a lovely leather lattice bag bought here in Tuscany, Italy famous for high-quality leather. What I adore and don’t see much is lattice leather boots. This week Dior launched their 2021 collection and part of that was their lattice leather summer boot.

Summer boot 2021 lattice work black leather Dior knee high boot

How To Wear Lattice Leather Boots?

This Dior collection can only be summed up like this.

“I wanted to express strength through outerwear and leather alongside a more feminine sensual side through the softer materials of shearling and silk, and via my fitted silhouettes.

If I need hope during this pandemic then these boots are it.

Dior 2021 summer gold lattice leather boots

This would be a great wedding outfit too. Or team it with some chunky knitwear.

Noir chunky haute couture knitwear 2021

Bridgerton on Netflix seems to be what everyone is aspiring to. We need to be taken into a world of fantasy. Lace, leather brocade, and everything opulent. What I love about the above lattice gold boot is its artistic design involved that can be teamed with many items.

Dior 2021 summer collection bridgerton (1)

Imagine the above with lattice gold leather boots.


I am passionate about wearing chiffon blouses layered with angular cuts. This ensemble with a high waisted skirt and the leather belt looks effortlessly stunning. Teamed with black lattice leather boots and you are fit to court your own man. This pandemic has taught me no matter what the occasion one must dress up.

Bridgerton Dior 2021 summer dresses

Pearls And Leather

These season diamonds are freshwater pearls. They will add an edgy and elite look with lattice leather boots. Freshwaters pearls like below are more youthful and easy to wear.

Dior 2021 bell sleeves Pearls

This summer is all about returning to style on the streets no matter where you are. These are not easily found so why don’t you get a pair made to suit your foot and calf size. I would opt for a bright colour too as it’s summer. They would team well even with shorts or mono skirts.

How chic will it look with the Dior housecoat?