Although it took place nearly 100 years ago, equal to 1,000 in our fast trending generation- the 1920’s fashion movement is still very alive today. And in very progressive cities where celebrities, rich and the famous congregate is it any wonder? The dramatic flair perfected over 40 years from those before we are predominating in many ways. What’s so appealing about this era of women’s fashion is its many facets. It can be bold and brash, dark and sombre, light and airy, or shabbily tres chic. You can wear stripes with floral, layers of black, and both a frilly top and bottom. And unlike those who shopped this mad gorgeous look years ago, ours is conveniently found at their drop off location: consignment and second-hand shops.

vintage fashion shoes and skirts (2)

It’s not only the fashion we allow to preserve. The gathering of ladies and men alike for the warm soothing beverage tea continues and lives on today. There’s a tea party occurring every day at Starbucks. Once you collect your first vintage themed ensemble this is the perfect place for exhibition. So grab your coin purse, it’s a ladies night out. But first, let’s take a look in your closet,

Using just five quick easy tips a Vintage inspired statement is ready to be yours. I introduce to you:

1. Flow

As you begin to put your outfit together remember that a truly vintage-inspired look has a lot of flowing lines with the smallest part of your waist, your calves, and ankles the only parts you want to strongly emphasize. Our foundation today will be a nice buttoned collar dress with a flared skirt that sways with every step we take.

Vintage dress worn with shoes

2. Frills, Lace, and Bows

This is the essence and substance of the vintage look, but never to be confused with a girly frou-frou look. Sophistication is key. Let’s cinch in that waist with a wide belt tied in a beautiful slightly floppy bow.

vintage belts and shoes (1)

3. Curls that Wave

Despite women taking new liberal stands in the true vintage era, their hair was still a great asset and feature. Whether short or long, a few distinguishing curls around the ear and smashing Marilyn Monroe waves meant business. Soften the look with a crocheted headband or a headband with silk rose on a bed of feathers.

How to Get the Rockabilly Look - Fashion, Hair & Makeup

4. Jewellery

Layer your jewelry. A nice rose chocker, a string of pearls that keeps on wrapping, and of course some semblance of a cameo. Celebrate your ten fingers with big oval headed retro ring(s). A set of clunky bracelets will complete your jewelry section but really, can a girl ever have too much jewelry?

Great Gatsby Accessories from Accessorize

5. Footwear

Independence. Confidence. Liberal. These are the words to describe our vintage matriarchs. And their shoes said it best. Heels spoke of a woman who was embracing a career. And sexuality wasn’t overt it was subtle so a solid pair of leather shoes with an ankle strap and embellished with a big blossom was essential in any woman’s closet.

Audrey Hepburn loved comfortable footwear she wore pumps for comfort.

vintage leopard shoes

If you can’t wear heels, polka dot pumps are fabulous too. Vintage fashion all about creating your own personal style.

vintage heels

You know when you are buying vintage it’s truly a sustainable message.

Get dressed ladies and I’ll see you in my Vintage Jaguar E Type.

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