Vintage Fashion LondonThe late and great Alexander McQueen was a world-famous designer from London, England. His art inspired many other fashion designers, but also individual fashion lovers and artists. His works were often inspired by takes on vintage retro themes from the 60s and 70s, but sometimes earlier periods as well. Exotic, organic and even erotic are terms that come to mind when gazing dewy-eyed at his masterpieces. McQueen wasn’t just a designer, but he was easily one of the most phenomenal artists in history.

High-Drama Victorian Era Pieces

While Alexander McQueen’s inspiration comes from a plethora of vibrant and thought-evoking sources, he loved Victorian-era clothing and often created pieces with drama and elegance to celebrate the era. One example is this ocelot print dress. Silk chiffon meets bold prints in one this elegant piece. The flowing length provides glamour and sensuality.

There is no waist emphasis, but the bust is a beautifully curved neckline to accentuate a full or small bust. To complete the look, fashion lovers would pair it with a Victorian-inspired clutch and dramatic jewellery.

Elegant hair is a must.

Alexander McQueen Ocelot Print Dress

alexander McQueen Victorian


Alien Film Retro Inspiration

Believe it or not, the famous Pincer shoes were inspired by the late 70s film, Alien. H.R. Geiger has long been a source of inspiration for McQueen, and he vocally expressed this during his last interview. These shoes were made in a number of styles, colours, textures and various materials. Shocking and dramatic, they seemed impossible to walk in, yet many models did.

Alexander had a special talent of taking something retro or vintage and creating something impossibly modern and futuristic.

Alexander McQueen Shoes

pincer shoes alexander mcqueen high heels

I found he did not dominate regarding vintage handbags.

Corsetry And McQueen

Aside from the countless types of shoes that he designed, McQueen was also into creating some of the most shockingly breathtaking corsets the world has ever seen. One such corset was the Dante lilac silk faille corset from autumn and winter 1996-97. It was embroidered with black silk lace and jet beads. The vintage inspiration comes from the Victorian era, where these colours symbolized mourning and death.

Tragic yet jaw-dropping, this corset was a piece of symbolism and brilliant art.

Dante lilac silk faille corset from autumn and winter 1996-97

McQueen’s 70s Inspiration

Aside from Victorian-era garments, McQueen was fond of the 70s. Numerous suits, jackets and dresses he designed to have a 70s vibe and inspiration. This includes wide-legged pants, androgynous designer wear, especially platform shoes, leotards, fringe and short skirts. McQueen dabbled in everything that drew from the 70s and onwards, making each of his pieces unique, vintage but also with a taste of modern flare.

1970's Alexander McQueen fashion

McQueen’s Legend

The late Alexander McQueen passed away in February of 2011. He left behind an immense legacy and legendary pieces. He drew inspiration from a multitude of time periods and often created some of the best pieces in fashion history. Hailing from London, McQueen is definitely a star to add to the long list of fabulous designers that come from London. Sarah Burton is now the primary designer behind his label, which will live on for decades more.

Alexander McQueen Vintage clothing