I spotted the brand Maians over two years ago in Barcelona, so it was interesting to reconnect and see how it has developed as a brand. Its detailed craftsmanship of the shoes, which are all handmade and designed by Alfonso De La Fuente, is why this brand is taking over globally. I am a lover of shoes, like most women, and I understand when a shop is continually full for the hour, that it is a powerful sign that the brand understands its urban street market.


Maians For Women

Two years ago, these shoes were very popular for men and they noticed that women would come in and buy the shoes too. So after a while, Maians decided to create a unisex range. I looked both at the men and women’s range and can truly say they are a very versatile shoe. So today I am going to talk about the women’s only collection. I chose the ones from the 2014 collection called the Maians Pepa Rejilla, as they match my personality perfectly.


Maians Pepa Rejilla

These shoes are perfect for warm weather and comfortable enough for me to run around at Barcelona Marina jumping on and off boats for interviews. It is about choosing shoes that are light, look good and are comfortable. Maians are perfect for wearing on yachts and other boats out there or when I am walking around town.


Barcelona 2015 Gracie Opulanza Vicente Suarez Gablons

Latest Collection

I also tried on one of its latest collections called Aurelia Fantasia Leather and they too are comfortable, but with a higher heel for when I am less active. Whilst in the shop, I could not believe how many people were trying on the shoes generally. Each collection is all about what suits your image and wardrobe.


Aurelia Fantasia Leather

The new collection is a very versatile shoe. I would suggest you team them with skirts, shorts and leggings. They are the perfect travel shoe because they are so light. And in the heat sometimes you get tired of wearing open toe shoes and Maians are the perfect balance for a change. They look very casual chic and a brand that I am excited to see where it is all heading.