Quirkiness isn’t just a fashion statement or a passing fad; it’s a way of life. So the quirky dress sense works if you’ve always been somewhat of an oddball. Otherwise, it may seem like you’re forcing it just for the sake of keeping up with the latest trends. If you already have a quirky personality or unusual interests, fashion is an excellent way to express yourself. Maybe you’ve conformed to conventional fashion trends for so long that you’re uncomfortable with adopting a quirky style. Here’s a basic guide to help you truly embrace your quirkiness and express that through the way you dress.

Clean out your closet

No, that doesn’t mean you have to move out of your home like Eminem threatened to do using that line. It just means you’ll have to throw out the clothes that aren’t really “you”. When you’ve settled for conventional clothing for too long, it’s likely that you have a closetful of clothes that you don’t like so much.

Think clothes that seem too normal for your taste. If you feel there’s a way to repurpose them with a quirkier wardrobe piece or funky embellishments, keep them. But set aside anything you feel won’t serve any purpose to you and then donate them.

Shop thrift

Thrift stores are a treasure trove for people with a quirky personality. Forget about the latest collection from high street brands, as there’s a huge chance you’ll run into someone wearing the same outfit. At a thrift store, you could find wardrobe pieces that no one else will own. So this could be a great way to express the uniqueness of your personal style. In addition to everyday wear, you could easily find items for Halloween costumes at a thrift store.


Don’t let yourself be thrown off by the fact that they’re “secondhand”. It’s classy to be economical and it’s classy to embrace something not everyone knows how to appreciate. So look through the racks of your neighborhood thrift store every once in a while for some quirky and vintage finds. Sometimes you might even be able to chance upon valuable designer vintage, which isn’t available anywhere else.

Stock up on colors

Bold and bright colors are the foundation for a quirky wardrobe whether you’re a man or a woman. Think bright orange, electric blue, and lime green for instance. From clothes to accessories, pick out pieces with bold colors that will make any outfit pop. If you’re not too fond of colors and are just looking for quirky pieces sans the multicolor, just add a few tiny and colorful accessories. Maybe a bright pink belt or an orange bowtie is all you need to create a quirky look.

Go crazy with prints

Every person with a quirky sense of style needs at least one wardrobe piece in crazy prints. As ironic as it may seem, there are items that a quirky wardrobe can’t do without. Loud and unusual patterns are among those essentials whether it’s on a shirt, a dress, or a jacket. You could choose from a whole range of patterns – from zig zags and florals to birds and sailboats. Find a print or pattern that you thoroughly love and flaunt it with the pieces you already own.


Wear quirky shoes

Of course, one of the best accessory pieces to define your quirk is in a pair of whimsical shoes. Go for shoes in crazy patterns and unusual embellishments. Women have the option to choose from a range of pumps and stilettos with quirky elements. For men, there may be a few limitations except when it comes to sneakers and colorful patent leather oxfords. Coliac shoes are also a great way to add some quirkiness to your outfit.


You can even go so far as to wear sequined boots, if you’re lucky enough to find a pair. If you’re a bit hesitant to start wearing crazy shoes, maybe you could get started on colorful ones and then slowly transition to quirkier pieces.

Flaunt eccentric bags

Whether it’s an unusual shape or a little piece of quirky hardware, you have an extensive range of quirky bags to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and embellishments. So pick a few up to add to your quirky wardrobe. Just like the shoes, quirky bags are the best place to start when expressing your quirkiness through wardrobe.


Even when you’re wearing regular clothes like a jeans and tee ensemble, for instance, just one quirky bag could change the whole look. For men, try to find pastel cross-body bags or printed bags that not too many guys would want to sport. You’ll be defining your true self instead of conforming to what everyone else is wearing.

These are just ideas to help you get started with embracing your quirky personality and expressing it through fashion. It’s by no means an article telling you what to wear and what not to wear. Quirkiness is, after all, a way of living and you need to be your own self to truly pull off this style.