Why do we Italian ladies wear colour? Was Italy that made me do it? The pandemic has, like with everything, had its part to play in this realisation. That colour is all around me here in Tuscany.  The collective determination to be hopeful here amidst desperate circumstances this Covid 19 has reinforced my life’s-too-short attitude.

Alberta Ferretti embroidery shoe

From Alberta Ferretti embroidery Mules to red Valentino shorts and black and red vintage Roberta Di Camerino clutch bag. The endless choice of experimenting with colour all comes down to you and your comfort zone.

YOOX, Amazon or Vestiaire are great platforms to buy second-hand clothing, vintage and try with colour.

Hotel Inspirations For Colour


Art like me here at the Hilton The Hague and using hotel interior designs are great ideas to embrace colour.

Movenpick The Haag Holland

Me using this hotels bathroon from the Movenpick to discovering new ways of embracing colour. I am wearing vintage Versace.

Colour For Mental Health

Colour has motivated my desire to wear mood-enhancing hues, like the tree of hope colour olive.

It has been a mental health and liberating experience  in the last year living in Italy.



Italy is a lifestyle and country that is as celebratory of bright colours. We Italians love colour as we are surrounded by it. From moss green glow of fresh olive oil.


To the ruby juice of Sicilian blood oranges.  The endless rainbow glass of Murano is like my Murano contemporary necklace I wear with endless amounts of different styles.

Murano glass necklace Venice Gracie Opulanza 2021

Let’s not forget the fiery scarlet of Ferrari like my red bespoke made to order leather backpack. It is when I visit the glistening Caprese Blu Grotto that I know why Italians were colour. We are surrounded by it.

red Ferrari leather backpack Gracie Opulanza red Ferrari leather backpack Gracie Opulanza

Unlocking Into Colour

Colour is about unlocking this particular form of self-expression. Taking myself out of my comfort zone made me a whole lot more comfortable and confident.

Are you afraid to wear colour all these years? What is that something that is holding you back?  

Olive Green - How To Wear Green With Bold Accessories

Olive green dress celebrating me turning fifty. This colour helps me succeed in business as a mother and just coping with everyday stresses.

Olive Green - How To Wear Green With Bold Accessories

This dress from a Dutch brand did not sell at all. Do the ladies from Holland were afraid to embrace it. Why was that? It all sold out when it was half price. Colours are cultural and this olive green down does not match the lifestyle of dutch women. Odd don’t you think considering Holland is full of nature and everything green.

Middleburg Holland

This lady in Middleburg Holland is not afraid of colour. But it comes down to what types of colour natch your skin tone, culture and hair. Olive green on blonde ladies is a hard colour to pull off.

peppers red and green

Fruits and vegies in Italy inspired me to mix and match with colours.

Inspired By Nature

Here in Italy, matching the bottles of vino rosato. So choosing to get a red Ferrari leather backpack is thanks to wine and red roses I was surrounded by in Tuscany.

Choosing to wear colour has been glorious and liberating. I really wonder why it’s taken women in Holland so long to wear it. Considering it’s a dark, rainy nation.

The Hague Holland Bikes

The bikes are at least colourful.

Daughter And Colours

My daughter teaches me so much about the power of colour. What it does to her confidence, mental state of mind and soul.

Be playful experiment like she is here. I am amazed at the colour clashing of colour and how it all works. Use wallpaper art to inspire you to embrace colour. Also if you are in a current lockdown to redo your wall decor in your flat or home.

Wallpaper art interior Design Indigo The Hague

Lockdown And Colour

I have been through several lockdowns in Italy. It was colour that made me get through this tough journey. I wore colour too like leather trainers.

I picked so many flowers too. The colours of nature-inspired me to embrace so many colours.

Pink is a lovely colour to wear when I am feeling down. Or even a piece of jewellery that can fit you without dressing up. Large hands like mine need some colour love.

olive green Lucent family, designed by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert Swarovski

Notice there are so many different colour greens.

Embrace One Colour

Embrace one colour and go from there. Start with accessories that are kind to your confidence. Even handbags as they don’t have to fit you regarding anyone age or weight.

I gotta a lot of leather colour happening here. Some days I need to wear it all to make me cope with this intense limited travel lifestyle for 2021.

I adore this orange colour bag from Venice. Orange is powerful for the would and mind.