I am interested in handbags that don’t fit me. Handbags are kind to any woman at any age. Even if you are turning fifty. Handbags don’t care about age, weight, size or race. Any woman in the world can wear a handbag at any time of the day and year.

Roberta Di Camerino

Roberta Di Camerino understood the power of a handbag that represented the very heart, soul and mind of a woman who loved everything Made In Italy.

Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua For Velvet

This vintage bag is over seventy years old and it is worn by a woman who clearly loved to wear it.

Shoulder Bags

On this occasion, if you are seeking a more bohemian style. This made in Tuscany leather shoulder bag ticks all the boxes regarding a woman’s style. It’s complicated in design that took nearly two months to make. Olive green is a colour that can team well with any woman at any age too.

Gracie Opulanza Olive leather made in Italy handbag

It can be worn as an art piece of its own with an earthy dress style in mind.

Red Backpack

This is more commercial as opposed to a shopping bag. The rich red leather made in Italy is why when I wear it at fifty both men and women ask me where I got it from?

Red Leather Made In Italy Backpack Gracie Opulanza

It is a message of contemporary style meets lifestyle.

Ferrari Red Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Leather Backpack

You can team this with denim shorts.

Orange In Style

This Made In Italy, Michele De Fine is why here in Holland the colour of orange is turning heads.

Michele De Fine Aragosta orange leather bag Gracie Opulanza made initaly (2)

This bag is more for an elegant occasion. The boutique is located in Venice. The video below showcases this orange bag during one of my hotel reviews here in Venice.

Olive Backback

This elegant backpack is perfect for city rides and occasions where you need to tuck away some red victory lipsticks and masks. This boutique is located only in Florence.

I get many comments on this bag for its handpainted pattern and attention to simplicity detail.

cuoiofficine Florence leather bag madin italy

Yves Saint Laurent

You can never go wrong with any clutch bag. This Yves Saint Laurent classic always looks fabulous on any woman of any size or age.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage bag Gracie Opulanza Venice

Knitwear Bags

Can you not see this bag does not have to fit anyone but it is a vintage timeless bag I bought in Holland and I know it would be great even over the age of 94 years old.

cltoh bag

Christian Dior Embroidered Canvas Book Tote

This Christian Dior embroidered canvas book tote bag is so popular. At a whopping 2500 euro, it is flying off the shelves. It is a shopping bag for fruit and vegetables. This bag looks fabulous on any lady or man. Great covering bulging tummies.


Dior Tote Canvas Bag

It goes to show that a bag does not have to fit a status at all. It is all about an accessory that money can buy. Who wears it and where is why. The bag does not have to fit.