What is the colour that dutch women are afraid to wear right now? Whilst reviewing luxury hotels here in Amsterdam. I visited my favourite dutch fashion brand called Vanilia. I was so excited to see their collection of olive green. It has not sold at all because women from Holand are not liking it. Here are my style tips on how to accessorise your olive green dress.

Vanilia Boutique Amsterdam

The Dutch women are tall and mostly blonde. So this warm colour is easy to wear as an Italian, olive skin tone person like myself. Why did the brand choose such a challenging colour? Could it be the name that is not working? This dress is called Jurk button dress under a subheading, fresh greens?

You can read the power of wearing olive green below. This is me in the boutique trying on the dress. This is a random moment when a dutch lady is trying on the same colour. She did buy it but was sure how to wear the accessories. Red clogs Made In Italy, is a nice casual way of wearing these dresses. Red lipstick looks brilliant as well.

green vanilia top holland

Make sure you wear a supportive bra. I forgot to put one on! It looks flattering with a bra with women like me that have big breasts, due to the style, fabric and fitting cut of the dress.

Large Bling Rings For Large Hands

I have very large hands and fat fingers. So I like to wear yellow and green Swarovski rings which look fabulous with green.

Lucent cocktail ring yellow Swarovski olive green Lucent family, designed by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert Swarovski

Pregnant Dress

This is a stretch cloth, so if you are in the early stages of your pregnancy. Or if you are a petite lady who is pregnant. This dress looks fabulous with a large or bulging tummy. Due to the stretch viscose with rib patterns, it is a robust dress to wear during and after having the baby. You can’t breastfeed in it though.

Olive Green

My pandemic colour is olive green,  It is my renaissance colour. my rebirth colour as I am turning fifty.

Poppies Tuscany Cyprus Trees green

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza


Olive green has to be worn with warm and strong earthy colours such as my Maylasian bamboo necklace. Don’t over accessorise olive green or any green. Keep it bold and simple. Listen to how you can spot real Italian coral accessories.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

Medusa Leather Belt

Belt buckles are a hugely powerful statement to wear green with. Natural tan colours look fabulous and effortlessly chic with this dress.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

I am wearing both accessories to give you an example of what you can do. Though, I will only wear the medusa belt or coral necklace.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

The length and thick fabric which is made in Holland is why this dress can actually be worn all year round. This brand always puts pockets with their dresses. This makes perfect practical dutch sense.

They also do alterations within some of their boutiques in Holland.

medusa coral

OverSized Eyewear

This eyewear is super chic and large. With the Gucci sparkle on the side and the tortoiseshell colour. The two colours go hand in hand. Like olive oil and bread.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

The penthouse terrace here in Amsterdam, thanks to Hotel De Vitt.

Be Inspired By Food

If you are unsure of olive green or green in general?  Just look at what you eat to give you more colour teaming ideas.


capsicum venice

My links explain how orange and yellow go well with green

How many times do you eat avocado during the warmer months. Look what naturally matches the colour green.


Just go up a shade or three when wearing olive green.

yellow and green earrings

Look at all the colours that team with green.


Gold plated and gold look fabulous with green.

coral Malaysia bamboo

The ring is by NKB, London. Geometrical shapes look fabulous strong with green.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

That pink hair tie, works well with this colour too.

Green Moss Blanket

Whilst in cold lockdown Tuscany. I opted for a wool green moss blanket. The Italians love green and design.


Get bespoke knitwear made this winter in green.

Olive Green Leather Tassel Bag

I had this made in Tuscany Italy. Using vegetable tanning. Again how well dows this olive green look even whilst in Venice at the famous San Marco square sipping coffee at the Florian cafe.

Olive green weaving bag made in Italy roses

Noticed the dusty pink flower roses and how well this colour goes with green.


Hair Styles

It comes down to personal choice and how you are feeling right now. Long hair seems to be very popular here in Italy.

Burnt orange and red go so well with olive green. As I am turning fifty my lifestyle is all about living in the moment. On this occasion, it’s a sunset in Amsterdam.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace

I survived covid 19, mental health when it comes to wearing olive green is why I am living a stress-free life. But it is hard work. As I lie in my bed, peering at the city view. I am so excited to be turning fifty. It is a time to thank that I have lived life this long.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace