I travel around Europe a lot. I notice women over fifty, love to wear everything white. In Holland, it is very common to see both men and women wear white. Here are my street style tips on how to wear and accessorise wearing white. Fashion is being redefined at fifty and I am now fifty, so here are some ways you can wear all white.

The video is of me wearing a fifty-year-old fabric from Venice. How to wear white at fifty tips?

Black Accessories

I noticed that in Venice women, like to accessorise wearing white with opposite colours, like black.

fifty hairstyles Pantene

Opting for white Nike or Reebok trainers can be fun too. Give a more sporty look as if heading to Wimbledon.

All White

In super hot countries, like Italy when summer finally appears. I noticed women like to wear all white. Including the Hermes sandals.

Fifty long hair Italian

On this occasion on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, this lady is teaming wide lace trousers with a plain shirt.


I like how she is using a see-through bag. So the colours of her shopping bag are part of her accessories. She then opts for a beige straw hat to balance the overall look.


Heavy Make Up

This is bold for summer. But I like how she uses everything opposite in makeup for warmer weather. Kiko, Trinny London do fab tutorials on skin tones and women over fifty, regarding makeup. MAC Makeup, have wonderful summer colours for makeup for women over fifty.


Orange is a great colour that goes well with makeup. You could opt for orange nail varnish. And team it within orange bag like Michele De Fine here in Venice. A bag Made In Italy.

Fifty long hair Italian


Yellow is also a colour that teams well with white. Maybe opting for a yellow scarf or everything earrings. One person aged over fifty five, in power that does well in wearing opposite colours is Christine Lagarde.

Essential Antwerp

Opting for white platforms with all white is fun and fabulous too. Gives you height and empowers any woman to rock at fifty.


My white maxi dress with some print is another fabric option to wear white. Team it with red clogs and a red Stetson hat and you have a perfect summer combination. Make sure you wear white lingerie so it gives an overall pure look.

White in summer, keeps you effortlessly cool.


Coral looks fabulous with white. Coral earrings, a coral ring, or a coral bracelet.

Italian Coral