Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde is a French lawyer serving as Chairman of the International Monetary Fund since 2011 and Managing Director, a position she relinquishes following her nomination as the president of the European Central Bank. I have always admired her leather empowering jackets over the years. Leather for me gives that Matrix message of looking tough and not to be messed with.

As she takes on her new role as president European Central Bank in where the out look for a recession is almost certain. I noticed a change in what she is wearing. It seems Christine has gone all Eco-friendly and a woman in this position should certainly set the sustainable fashion tone.

Christine Largarde President of Europeon Bank (1

Silver White Or Silver Knight

I am not looking forward to going grey, let alone wanting to trend the Platinum Blond Hair. In 2019, the Platinum Blond Hair colour or what I am now labelling as the Christine Lagarde has been huge. It is one that is slowly growing on me. I won’t do it because it’s trending and I don’t like to follow trends.

Christine over sixty now looks fabulous with silver white hair and is bang on power house hairstyle trend. In her position can this trained lawyer be the silver knight for European banks and do the unforgivable by trying to prevent the public taking their cash out of the banks and running off like a pack of wild horses?

In this high profile position her hair colour and style is a very fast moving pace as the economics playing out around the globe. If you do however decide to copy her colour it can take up to six sessions to do so and the maintenance is as high as the politicians themselves.

Christine Largarde President of Europeon Bank (2)

Rocking In Your Sixties

As I walk the streets here in Italy I am continually inspired by the women who are well and truly over the sixties and just look fashionably perfect.

These ladies are the central European example of the heart, soul and passion for fashion.

The lady below dresses so well all the time. Effortless comfortable clothing with a fabulous contrasting belt and that jacket is just super chic and cool. She stared in that mirror for ages and knew what she was after and smiled. Shopping is so much fun.

Don’t forget your accessories too. Jewellery is all about an opulent lifestyle message.


Her oversized olive green bag with her super cute white trainers just reassured me that women here in Italy wear what ever they want.


Not intending to break the stereotypical of what women should wear over sixty, but intentionally having so much confidence that not even Christine Lagarde can even out match them in style. I laughed so hard when I saw this lady slowly walking those cobble stone obstacles here in Lucca. That is so much commitment to super impractical high heels and we are so famously for.

As for that white gladiator, watch out mate, that lady in her sixties will knock you out with her chic confidence.  I am so inspired by women who embrace turning sixty, trending their own style and look after themselves.


They are to be admired wearing super high heels and everything outrageously youthful.  The power of white skirts and dresses in summer look chic.

If and when in Italy opt for linen and cotton th perfect breathable fabrics for heat.


I am off for my 17th-century wall walk here in Lucca. Walking is a great way to look and feel good.

Me trending Beheart leather jacket and backpack here in Lucca.  The lady above high heels put mine to shame. I just can’t walk in them no matter how I try.

Time to rock it up like Christine Baranski.

This is me in Lucca Italy rocking my personal style leather jacket.

Benheart Leather Florence Italy Gracie Opulanza Lucca (4)