Christine Baranski

The clothes they dress Christine Baranski in are very inspiring to look at. What is it about Christine’s business wardrobe that makes her look chic, intelligent and powerful every single time?

In a study conducted by the David Eccles School of Business, a male and female research team found that investors are less likely to back an IPO from a company led by a woman than a company led by a male. This is being referred to as the “Green Ceiling” in the investment world. How we presents ourselves in business really does matter. Take heed from the Diva herself and smarten up your business wear.

  1. Christine outfits are not safe but adventurous and bold. The use of colour and cuts are just simply business adorable. For the middle aged woman she does not hide from her figure and uses designs that enhance her figure.
  2. Her fabrics choices are very versatile and cling and enhance her divine figure.
  3. Her accessories just completes every outfit and she is not afraid of using junky jewellery.
  4. Her shoe wear gives a youthful look to all of her outfits and she is always in high heels but not with too much height. When she walks, she struts with confidence and looks very comfortable. The shoe colour combinations complete her business outfits which creates a very powerful feminine image.
  5. Her posture is always upright and gives a confident poised impression.
  6. She wears the right kinda of make-up using mainly red for her lip colour, a statement of power.
  7. Her hair is never out of place and styled right for her age, if not sure a bob works every single time.

Christine’s business image gets better each week and is very modern for us women to get ideas from.

Christine Baraski - good wife