Here’s a selection of phrases from Italian to learn how to flirt with an Italian. A few more and you’ll most certainly break the ice and set the right mood!”

So many movies like Soon I’ll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language! Could a just-for-fun romance with dark-eyed Matteo di Serrone be the answer?

Tuscany life is very romantic and due to our slow pace of living these days. I am finding as a woman an Italian man is all about making me feel noticed. If you are seeking romance during this pandemic. Tuscany Italy ticks all the boxes.

Hearing the words ciao bella, is a great way for an Italian man to say, I notice you.

They won’t hold back asking you for your phone numbers. Italian men like face-to-face amore mio moments. I fell in love with you. Even if they just met you. Like an owl they love eye contact.

Normally il tuo numbero di telefono is his next move. Can I have your phone number?

Tuscany Villa 2021 Italy

A villa in Tuscany.

Hiring a classic car is a great way to flirt and get to know Tuscany.

Fun Romance

If you are seeking a holiday fling then most Italian men will wine and dine you. Or take you into their private Villa and allow the sunshine of life to lure you in. Afternoon tea with an Italian man is a glass of white wine and a water fountain view. Is his way to make the first move for a quick love affair. A nice way to become your boyfriend.

wine Tuscany Italy

Rest Of My Life

When an Italian gives you an invitation to meet his mamma then this is all about you being your amore mio. There way of saying,  I fell in love with you.


This window view was created by the sons’ mother. Italian men are well spoilt regarding cooking, cleaning done by their mum. Can you handle that?

When he starts explaining ti voglio bene, with a setting like this. His big ego kicks in and he is referring to May I dream with you. It’s his way of showing you he you are his soulmate. Frescos are a brilliant romantic way to show you the fairytale way of life here in Tuscany.

villa restoration window view


In Tuscany, the views are like being in heaven. On some occasions when a swan passes you by during a cup of coffee. It’s like an angel sending you a message of ti amo. I don’t want this moment to end. When an Italian guy goes out of his way to show his private love view. It’s a message of ti voglio bene. May I dream with you? Followed by, bacimi. Hug me or I would like to hug you all night long!

Window Villa View Tuscany

Romantic Tuscany villa gardens 2021 Italy (1)

Why Don’t We Meet Again?

When says, sei la mia anima gemella. he is referring to him wanting to take the relationship further.  He will lure you in with private garden romance.

Villa swimming pool Tuscany

This private villa below with a swan in a private lake is the perfect way an Italian man can get to know you.


Italian family

Italians love their family so if you are coming from the UK, understand when you have an Italian boyfriend his mom will be right there beside you. This is a stereotype reality.

With settings like this, it is easy to fall in love with a man or woman.

Villa Tuscany window view 2021

This 17th Century Villa has the option to turn on and off the water fountain. A romantic gesture when you walk in and then he presses the button.

Romantic Tuscany villa gardens 2021