Where would you choose to travel right now? What would you wear in Venice, Italy one of the most stunning cities in the world? If you are seeking an opulent lifestyle walking city it has to be Venice, italy.

If there is one place in the world where you can dress up all day and every day then it has to be Italy.

Fashion and Italy go hand in hand, one can never dress up too much.

Summer Linen White

Do you struggle to stay cool in summer? The only fabrics that and should be worn are linen and cotton fabrics as they breathe in the heat. To avoid overheating you can never go wrong with wearing everything white.

I am noticing the Italians are wearing white from head to toe including me.

ummer white venice italy 2020 covid 19 gracie opulanza fashion (2)

A slimming cardigan goes well with a dress like this due to my large arms.

Street Style – Venice Summer Trends

ummer white venice italy 2020 covid 19 gracie opulanza fashion (2)


The heat is strong in Venice and you can never go wrong with wearing a hat. I am noticing that women are wearing over sized hats. When you are competing with history like Venice you need to rethink your street style staple pieces.

In 1200 years of existence, the city and its buildings changed many times over the centuries to adapt to new needs and fashion. Venice as a city is over 1200 years old; the buildings that can still be seen today are up to 800 years old.

hats venice 2020 summer covid 19

Chunky Jewellery

Italy is the place to show off your jewellery and don’t hold back on this. It is the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. With Piazza Marco Square as a background make sure you compete.

st marco square venice 2020 summer

Oversized Dresses

Venice is a city you have to walk and I have been walking on average 15km a day. So wearing oversized dresses teamed with stylish trainers are a must. Or oversized onesie or play-suits.

Venice Street style 2020 july covid 19 italy summer gracie opulanza (2) over size dresses


I feel safe in Venice regarding theft. But I choose to wear a shoulder small bag due to its secure on me and i am always taking photo’s so it is one less item I have to worry about. Plenty of water fountains to top up your bottle.

oroton australia handbag venice 2020

Printed Dresses

No Matter what the style you can never go wrong with floral and printed dresses. Team them with comfortable trainers and the rest is history.

hats for summer venice 2020

printed floral dresses venice 2020 summer

Pretty Women Polka Dot

It has returned for summer 2020 that fabulous print worn by Julie Robert at the horse races. This time in a play-suit.  My camera decided to go black and white on this occasion but it was the same colour as Julia Roberts wore below.

Team it with a belt and it is the perfect Venice covid 19 print to remember for 2020.

julia Roberts Pretty woman polka dot dress brown and white

street style venice 2020 summer print dresses gracie opulanza (2)

Covid 19 Red

You can not go wrong with ever wearing red in Italy. For me, it is a colour I am choosing to wear due to being locked up for so long. I have a passion for life and will embrace it at any cost.

Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1)

Venice italy burnt orange terracotta italy 2020 covid 19 summer gracie opulanza (3)RED

Oversized Eyewear

You can’t ever go wrong with statement eyewear. Take if from the master. Whatever reason I can only find my Gucci 2017 pair the rest is locked away in the car park far away I hope?

ummer white venice italy 2020 covid 19 gracie opulanza fashion (2)

Mask Statement

This mask turns heads and I get many compliments in Venice for it.