Iris Apfel

Advanced style film trailer is an inspiration that fashion must be embraced, no matter how old you are. Why is it important for you to get your own sense of style?

Advanced Style Film Trailer with Iris Apfel, Ilona  Royce Smithkin

Iris Apfel and Ilona royce Smithkin encourage us that the power of looking good and creating your own style makes them happy. The power of dressing up is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. Getting your own sense of style illustrates that you are not afraid to express who you really are. It is a test of your confidence by dressing unconventionally. It forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else.

Lets be honest, nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see. When you dress up in cute clothes and accessories it is a great conversation starter. When you wear something fabulous people will ask you where can I get it from?

These ladies encourage us not to be influenced by trends, but to create your own look. They show us that the older you get the more empowering and influential you can become. Just have a look at fashion icon Iris Apfel, she certainly is an example of being a trend setter at the tender age of 90.

What artistic fashion statement do you want to make?

Advanced Style Film Trailer – Why We Love To Dress Up