Plants not only bring beauty to your home, but also to your body. Plant jewelry is a rising trend in the wellness scene. Here are some of its wellness benefits.

 Wearable Plants Help Beautify Your Body And Mind

During the last year, my spirituality has intensified. I pray often to the Christian God for meeting new people with innovative and many inspirational ideas. Plant medicine is a wonderful way to combat depression, anxiety and very popular within the wellness industry.

I am in Italy Tuscany and teamed up with a few artisans who have a passion for sustainability products. Serving the local communities leaves me content great for my soul.

Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.

I am surrounded by natural beauty and the products I buy gies back to nature.

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Wearable Plants Also Alleviate Seasonal Depression

I am not into astrology that much but I do understand its usage. I am open always to new recommendations and more so than ever seeking a weekly dose of wellness. I am currently wearing a cactus plant necklace that is made from Murano glass, Sardinia cork, and olive tree branch water holder. It is a high-quality product and the sellers are targeting both children and adults keeping in mind a conscious economy.


Plant-Derived Vitamins Can Be Absorbed Through The Skin

I am a big fan of essential oils and wear them all the time. But there is something special knowing a living cactus and Murano glass is touching my skin. This pandemic I am seeking nature more so than ever.


Wearable Plants Have Antioxidant Properties

My daughter sleeps with hers and mentally she says it helps her dream and sleep better. This physiological is a lovely way for her to heal her mind and be more relaxed. instead of taking sleeping tablets why not sleep with the minimini plant on you instead.

If you are in a city like Bangkok Thailand, Brooklyn, New York, or India you can have a little bit of Europe literally on your neck.


Wearable Plants Improve The Quality Of Indoor Air

This necklace also is more effective than wearing crystals because indoor plants are good for lockdown life. Great way to create better airflow inside. For me, menopause is all about sleep and not sleeping and love wearing this at night.


Offcuts from an olive tree for water holder.

 Wearable Plants Require Less Water Than Real Plants

These necklaces don’t need much water at all to grow and it supports my sustainable lifestyle. It can be shipped worldwide too and a great gift idea.

Wearable Plants Curb Indoor Air Pollution

I love to wear it as the inspiration and detailed thought gone into it is a beautiful message. In my mind when the plant has fully grown and can be planted it is my way of giving back to heal our world.

Every part of the plant is made in Italy and the cactus is from Holland so the carbon footprint is little opposed to sourcing products out of China.


Ritualistic Renaissance

In this pandemic, a Ritualistic Renaissance has grown and as mental health therapy, this jewellery. My garden view here in Tuscany. The plants are soothing for my mind, body, and soul. Small wellness in my homemade easy.