Contemporary jewellery designers are embracing statement pieces and vibrant colors, while also incorporating a modern approach. The latest trend is to wear these eye-catching creations with a delicate touch, skillfully arranging and curating them with subtle diamond accents. This necklace below is made out of Murano glass and you can grow that plant it is in, what a unique idea.

Benefits of Wearable Plant Jewellery As A Wellness Solution


Don’t be Afraid Of Colour

The use of different colors is achieved through the selection of specific gemstones like smokey quartz or green agate. Pearls are intentionally shaped in irregular forms to appreciate their natural beauty. Chunky chains have been made smaller, moving away from the style of the 1980s and embracing a minimalist approach influenced by the 1990s, but with a unique touch. If you have any items from that era, now is the perfect time to bring them back into your wardrobe. Statement pieces are captivating because of their unique metal formations, rather than their excessive size or weight. The desired effect is a sleek and polished finish. I bought these in Bali.

Rings Bali

I had this pearl chunky necklace made in Vietnam.

Fresh water pearls Vietnam Gracie Opulanza 2023 (3)


Why Choose Gold

Gold jewellery has always been popular, but silver can be a better choice for certain skin tones. Experiment with mixing and matching metals to see which one compliments your skin the most, especially when it comes to earrings, as they can enhance and lift certain features. Silver looks great on very fair skin tones and blondes, but redheads should avoid rose gold as the colors may clash. Both lightly tanned and olive skin tones can pull off both metals, while darker and South East Asian complexions will make classic gold shine. I have olive skin and I find gold suits me the best.

Gracie-Opulanza-Onefortheboys-Gala-Ball-LCm-wearing-Misahara-jewlery-pure-diamonds-11 (1)

Messages In Your Jewellery

Personalised jewellery has taken on a fresh twist with the introduction of name pendants made from solid gold. These contemporary pieces have become highly sought-after modern treasures, reflecting the sentimental value that personalised jewellery holds. Additionally, I suggest a creative approach to updating heirloom jewellery by incorporating it into your everyday style. For example, one of their designers wears her grandmother’s ring on a gold chain, giving it a new lease on life.

I have received a gold necklace from Italy, but unfortunately, it does not bring me joy and I do not like it. Therefore, I have decided that when I find the appropriate person to recreate it, I will proceed with that. It is important to note that certain pieces of jewelry can have a negative impact on your future earnings.

Last year in Greece I threw out a large silver necklace and since then money has come rolling into my life.

One interesting idea is to melt down your grandmother’s wedding band in order to create a new ring. It is important to find a balance between keeping the sentimental value of the heirloom intact and transforming it into a piece that you will enjoy wearing frequently. This provides an opportunity to be creative with your own jewelry collection. For example, a brooch could be repurposed as a hairpin and a pendant could be styled as a charming bracelet accessory.

If you are looking to keep your jewellery box timeless and modern, you have a range of options to choose from. Whether you decide to update your current pieces to make them more suitable for today’s trends or opt for something completely new, there are plenty of starting points to consider.

I had this jade and black fresh water pearl necklace made in Vietnam.

River pearls Vietnam with Jade

Rings On One Finger

Opt for a single finger to showcase a bold statement by stacking multiple rings. A fantastic combination is mixing and matching gold and silver, and you can even opt for a style that already incorporates both metals. By exploring your own collection, you can create stunning stacking rings and find inspiration for layering with their visual appeal.

When shopping for rings, it’s important to consider going up a size to ensure a comfortable fit. Don’t hesitate to incorporate some color into your selection and ensure that your chosen ring size is not too tight.

Huge pearls Vietnam Gracie Opulanza

Oversize Hoops

Hoops are a popular choice for everyday wear, but why not add some variety to your collection? While they can still be worn on a daily basis, consider opting for a more unique option.  Opt for a  feature with an unconventional finish and silhouette that differentiates them from traditional hoops. These hoops are available in various sizes and come in a stylish gemini gold and silver colorway, perfect for those who are willing to invest a bit more. I bought these gold-plated earrings in Venice.

Gucci eyewear Venice Gracie Opulanza

Venice Rialto Bridge Gucci eyewea

 Pendants With A Wow Factor

Cord necklace chains are currently in fashion and can make a strong statement. A cord necklace is designed to be adjustable, eliminating the need for a knot at the back of your neck, and can be worn at any desired length. Certain gemstone pieces have a delicate and elegant appearance, such as this one that sits gracefully along the collarbone. This feature makes it effortless to layer with other necklaces for a stylish look. I bought this IRADJ MOINI vintage brooch in Tuscany. I decided to buy it for new beginnings and money-making options. Since I bought it in 2020, lots of cash has come my way.

IRADJ MOINI new Vintage Brooch Gracie Opulanza (2) IRADJ MOINI new Vintage Brooch Gracie Opulanza (1)

Not Too Much Bling

Diamonds and gold have always been a timeless pairing. However, this year, they are not limited to special occasions. Tennis necklaces and bracelets have become a popular choice to effortlessly elevate a casual outfit. Simply adding a T-shirt can instantly enhance your look. Additionally, the rising popularity of zirconia allows you to enjoy the beauty of diamonds without having to pay diamond prices.