I adore diamonds. What is it about diamonds that makes my emotions run wild? Why in 2020 are they my favourite stone to admire and wear.

Coming from an Italian background, the finest gold and jewellery were given to me the day I was born. My ears were pierced within a week of birth and those huge gold earrings were on me not by choice.

Growing up in Italian culture, diamonds were away from celebrating special occasions. In my culture, it edified the importance of my wealth, my empowering status growing up.

Gracie opulanza wearing diamonds

I am wearing diamonds as I am going to a charity event called On4The Boys.

Diamonds – Why Is It So Important

I’ve been to the finest diamond exhibitions in the world. Seen the most expensive diamonds on display worn by the super-rich. I’ve even tried on a diamond worth £24 million pounds, it was traumatic on every level with super large diamond rings.

For many reasons, the emotions of greed, lust, and envy were stirred. The power and prestige I had for wearing diamonds are why I love them so much.

Gracie Opulanza and her big diamante ego.

Gracie Opulanza Onefortheboys Gala Ball LCM wearing Misahara jewlery pure diamonds

When I wear some of my finest jewels, I make sure those hands are in public form for everyone to notice. That diamond is rough and edgy like me and full of sparkle. Well the truth be had, diamonds empower me.

Illness Wear A Diamond

I was very ill for months and I could not get up. So the one thing that I used to do was put all my rings of stones on and just stare at them for hours. The day was long, I could not walk and they were simply healing for me.

Not too much effort putting on jewelry is it?

Gracie Opulanza Diamonds

That’s the power these diamonds have on me, they are a blessing and lovely to admire. II can never have too much bling.

Large Hands Large Diamonds

My hands for a lady are large so that means the bigger the ring, the better. The more flattering wearing a diamond on my hand it empowers me more.

That’s the power of diamonds, they are like poison and slow torture. However, the reality is, the diamonds I own don’t even come close to how big I want them to be. I can always borrow or rent a diamond for any occasion.

Gracie Opulanza Onefortheboys Gala Ball LCM wearing Misahara jewlery pure diamonds

Yes Welcome To Couture Diamonds.

The diamonds I am wearing below are from Misahara Collection 2014