Popping corks and the big question? The perfect engagement ring for NYE A New Year’s Eve Proposal is the perfect time to start a wonderful new chapter with your significant other. As you pick your favorite bubbly to toast to this new beginning you’ll want your significant other to still be looking at their hand in disbelief that you found their DREAM ring. This is the beauty of a lab – a diamond ring you can create your very own dream ring as opposed to a mining ring.

Are Lab Diamonds Real Diamonds?

People often get sceptical while buying lab diamonds. When asked why they say that they aren’t sure if they are real diamonds. Well, to tell you the truth, these aren’t fake diamonds. These are very real. The only difference is that they are grown in a laboratory and not under the ground. You will find excellent sparkle and shine in any lab-grown diamond.
Now, you can explain to your fiancé that you got them real lab diamond engagement rings.
You won’t ever doubt these are blood diamond rings where children are being exploited in the mines to get their diamond dream ring. You can be sure you are buying a conscious clear diamond forever.

What Is A Lab Diamond?

Lab-grown diamond is a diamond that is produced in a controlled technological process. Unlike diamond simulants, synthetic diamonds are composed of the same material as naturally formed diamonds – pure carbon crystallized in an isotropic 3D form – and share identical chemical and physical properties.

It won’t be the real diamond from earth but to the naked eye, no one will ever know, so don’t tell a soul.

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Lab Grown Diamond

Would you be averse to owing or gifting a lab diamond ring? What are the benefits of owning a lab-grown ring?

The perfect engagement ring can be found at a Lab-grown, store and its affordable,  unique Liori Diamonds boast one of the world’s largest collections of engagement rings. Diamond expert, Avi Arandbaiev ensures that at Liori you are receiving the highest quality and value diamonds. Each diamond is delicately for extraordinary cut, color, and clarity. If you are on a tight budget which we were twenty-five years ago. Then opting for a lab-grown ring is an affordable stepping stone to a future dream ring.

How To Choose Your Lab-Grown Ring

Search social media such as tik tok for inspiration. Famous rings like Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Meghan Markle or Kim Kardashian. are another way one can be inspired to get the celebrity looks like a diamond ring. One can also decide on what colour to select. Be rare, niche and go for a yellow diamond it will be the IT colour for 2023.

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Who Says Diamonds Are Forever

After twenty-five years I am now seeking a new diamond ring. A ring for my larger finger a ring that takes me into the next fifty years of my life. Now a lab-grown diamond is one way of trying before I make a big commitment. it all comes down to affordability.

It is also a nice gesture when I want to splash out on a naturally made diamond.

Don’t Buy Online

Be romantic don’t buy online and take your loved one and choose your ring together. On most occasions when the man buys on it’s own the wrong does not fit, the finance normally asks to change it.

  1. Visit the store and ask for a basic evaluation
  2. Ask what kind of warranty is provided by the diamond dealer
  3. Find out about the appraisal process
  4. Find out about their return policy
  5. Find out about which types of payment methods they accept

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Lab – diamonds are not real but in 2023, with inflation so high many people have to compromise. Rome was not built overnight so be flexible and work together on getting a mind diamond ring in the future that suits your budget. With a lab diamond, it will be the real deal, very unlikely a lab-grown jeweller will sell a fake one. But buy from a reputable jeweller and one can’t go wrong.