It’s been a traumatic year for all of us. No doubt we are suffering at the hands of this pandemic. But a stone that will and has withstood the test of time are diamonds, they are the ultimate opulent lifestyle accessory.

As we are limited to gather around as family and friends this festive season. Why don’t you gift a loved one a diamond? This is me wearing over $250,000 (sadly it was borrowed) and it felt and looked amazing. I am after all seeking an opulent lifestyle whenever I can.

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How To Choose A Diamond?

Budget in mind one can buy a diamond. It’s always a risk buying jewellery but it’s the thought that counts. I would suggest buying a diamond pendant to be on the safe side.

But it really depends who and why you are buying that diamond gift. If it’s a thank you gift then go for something on-trend. A necklace you can layer and team with other jewellery pieces.

Gracie Opulanza diamond

yellow diamond

Diamond Earrings

Earrings are lovely to gift. They can be generally classified into clip-on and pierced types. Altogether, earrings and their shape/style are closely related to a person’s stand-out features, which might be a hairstyle, face shape, or even a simple smile. By knowing the person you are gifting I would opt for their personal style. The colour of the diamond also depends on their personal taste. ItsHot’s diamond earrings selection can be the perfect place for you to find a lovely piece for the ones you love. I would suggest you visit their website via this link and surf over 700 pieces they can offer.

The colour of the diamond also depends on their personal taste. You can wear earrings during the lockdown.

diamond necklace

Yellow Diamonds

Rare, powerful and very niche. This is a gift like no other. Gifting anyone a yellow diamond is a clear message of love and devotion.

Diamonds – Gift Your Loved Ones

Diamond Ring

Rings are very personal. If it for a level of commitment then do your research on what they are desiring. Diamonds are the sexual stone of desirability.

The bigger the diamond the larger the love and message for others to envy. How do you choose your carat? How do know what a pink diamond is worth?

pink diamond

Can You Make Money From Diamonds

Wedding bands are never there to buy to sell again. But divorce is high and one can make cash on a resell. Buying second-hand jewellery has always been a personal choice. I am a fan of vintage diamonds.

Diamonds are personal gifts. So keep in mind your motive of gifting someone a diamond.

Gracie Opulanza London Diamonds

Buying A Diamond On-Line

Tough call but I would only do this if you are certain of the brand you are buying from. Credibility is worth every penny of trust. Remember if the price is too good to be true. it normally is.

Use your common sense.

Gracie Opulanza Diamonds

Ethical And Conflict Diamonds

This is all down to your personal purchases. Where your diamond is mind is the difference between the slave trade and diamonds sourced from companies that treat their workers well. Remember your ethical choices will end up on someone’s hand or neckline.

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