Glamorous, sophisticated and luxurious sleek and chic is what defines this luxury brand called  Clothes That My Mother wore is about. 2020 is all about sustainable fashion and being aware of spending my hard-earned cash on clothes that last.

I am all about streamlined textures and silhouettes. My knitwear combined with what I choose to promote empowers me to be bold and adventurous.

I love and want to preserve and support everything that is about arts and crafts in the world of fashion.

My clothing purchases such as buying wool are all about preserving nature for future generations.

Knitwear Maketh The Person

I am taking time to pause and savour the dawning of a new decade, when possibilities open up before me like a host of spring blooms. I am reflecting on the last ten years of professional online marketing.

I rarely gaze too much in the future as life is short for me I live in the now.

What is my forward-thinking visions for the coming year, be that in the realms of literature, art, technology and travel.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

I certainly will continue to support those who have supported me. Very much working together in making sure quality versus fast fashion is understood.

The gold plated jewellery accessories are 1980’s Vintage YVL.

Mihaela Markovic is as adorable in nature as is her commitment to her knitwear brand.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

There is no other niche bespoke knitwear out there like Clothes That My Mother Wore. I have been wearing them for years and they still look amazing. They feel fabulous and the designs are just so niche.

Look at the knitwear cardigan below all handcrafted and it feels fabulous on.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

High Street Luxury Knitwear

This brand far exceeds the quality apposed to other luxury high street brands who just mass-produce the same cardigan over and over.

I noticed that on the runways last month a big come back of Haute Couture knitwear handmade will be massive for next winter.  I assure they won’t come close to the quality as this collection. They can’t as they have to cover costs for boutique space.

Big luxury brands are all about the sell, not the quality. I am an expert and have seen the decline over the years in brands I used to adore like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and even Louis Vuitton.

Unless its vintage I will never buy from these brands, its poor value for money and also its not niche, unlike this knitwear.

I can not state enough how high end these knitwear pieces are. For me, the price is excellent considering the time, thought and atelier skill that goes into creating each piece.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

Black Noir Knitwear

This black noir knitwear is just like a moving art piece. The more you take a closer look, the more I see the designer, Mihaela. Who has taught me over the following years, through talent, tenacity and hard work it’s her passion for atelier that keeps her going.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

Denim Couture

The redefining of denim for 2020 is the biggest challenge for any designer. With this knitwear, there’s a self-confidence wearing it. That comes down to mixing different textiles with denim. I mean have you ever seen anything like it?

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

Knitwear combined with a denim shirt.

In an uncertain market where cash needs to be carefully considered. I know which knitwear I will invest in.

The clothes that remain dear to my heart over a lifetime and that will last like Venice itself.