With Johnny Depp as your father and French model and actress Vanessa Paradis as your mum. What more could a girl ask for? Lily Rose Depp is famous for the female version of looking like her dad. Adopting his famous sultry eyes.

If DNA could not get better she also got her mum’s famous gap between her teeth.

She is the most beautiful natural beauty icon out there for 2021.

There is no denying her family ties have formed her, the motivations that drive her, the faith that sustains her, and the optimism that can lead us all to greater heights and last happiness.


She is a gloriously cross-generational coterie model.  But for the very young, she is intimidating with her natural beauty. However inspirational to wear as little makeup as possible. Those neutral tones especially on her lips are stunning. Those perfectly formed microblading eyebrows is why she is just stunning to look at.


Black Gothic Lace

Lily-Rose Depp is a natural Punk Rave Black Gothic Goddess. She is a sure winner when it comes to trending a dark and alternative wardrobe. That is why we adore her so much. Like her dad a mystery of many images that can only unfold as time passes.

What do you do get when you cross one of the most impossible yet influential beauty trends with the innate iconoclasm of brand, you get Lily-Rose Depp in lace?

She is rocking the look in lace.


Maleficent The Mistress of Evil a dark fantasy adventure, comes to mind.

Each empowering lace outfit that she wore at the BAFTAS, unleashes the potential to craft any kind of message imaginable.

It is why lace is a sustainable sexy fabric that will run the test of time on the catwalks, on the red carpet or just rocking in a club.

Lace is equally dramatic in its impact and depth of hue.

Either way, thanks to Lily be the renegade, not the wallflower.

On fashion brand who do amazing lace dresses is Elle Saab


As I continue to review for Audi I will certainly be opting for some lace inspirational wear.