Practical and stylish tweed tips. You typically cannot just wash and dry a good piece of tweed clothing. You want it to stay opulent.

  1. First and foremost, do not forget to pay attention to the label. It would help to read not only the instructions indicated by the manufacturer but also the content of the fabric. Take into account that tweeds may vary in quality and durability, hence the need to treat each item as a special case.
  2. Avoid using harsh laundry detergents, and do not forget to be extra gentle when washing. When you feel the need to machine-dry, choose a reliable unit with a variety of operating options. In addition, remember that when wool fabrics are wet, they tend to increase in weight. This may distort the garment’s shape.
  3. To dry tweed clothing, lay each garment flat on a drying surface such as a towel. Should you use a machine to dry your items, use the lightest setting available and do not ever prolong spinning time.
  4. To further keep your tweed clothing in tip-top condition, you also need to employ proper storage techniques. For your jackets, use thick or padded hangers to retain their shape. Pants, shirts and other tweed clothing may be properly folded and stored flat.
  5.  Additionally, choose a cool and dry storage location to prevent moths and other pests from damaging your tweeds. For long-term maintenance, wrap them in plastic and tuck them inside a sturdy chest or cabinet when not in use. Most of all wear your tweed with fashion confidence.

Tweed- Practical Tips Required To Keep it looking Chic

Michael kors, tweed womens 2012

Michael Kors, tweed women’s 2012


Tweed- Practical Tips Required To Keep it looking Chic

Coco Chanel tweed. 2012

coco chanel tweed jacket