What are you wearing at home right now? The energy in the world right now out there is much better than what we see! It is called hope.

Who are we as a nation? You want better if not for you but for the next generation. How can fashion play its part during a pandemic?

How do you dress an opulent lifestyle during Covid-19?

Fashion Pandemic

Fashion for women has always been about how other people predominately view you. You can’t change that. But what you can do is understand how fashion now must become more strategic regarding how you present yourself during the most historical economic tsunami in history.

Fashion is not fashioning it is how you turn it into a tool not a victim of it.

What You Wear Must Match Who You Are?

Costume design is a great way to match your message. To boost your mood, during this lockdown, go through your wardrobe, and whatever you gravitate to, keep.

What depresses you, get rid of it.

Your clothes have to energize you to conquer, unemployment, and mood swings.

Orange is an option for stay home wear.


Trends To Conquer Unemployment 2020

Your work will have to match your mood and what will empower you to stay in that job. If it’s fashion, then everything colourful, tailored, and pristine perfect will be a huge trend. Colour is powerful to conquer mood swings.


If you are in business meeting people face to face, the classic bespoke high-end quality suits or dresses. With patterns that will be seen as a message, you mean business during this economic tsunami.

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White Boots For Inside

Choose to wear white boots and pointy low heel shoes. They are a message of purity, honesty, and you are refreshed for the next economic chapter in your life.

These colours have always stood the test of time.

Hospitality has been hit the worse so inspiring jackets and trousers are powerful messages. Travel for the elite will be dominant.  So wearing combat clothes illustrates you are here for the long run and to serve your customers.

And high-end gold jewellery illustrating your passion for wealth.

Hilary MacMillan – Cruelty Free Luxury with a Body Positive EthosHilary MacMillan – Cruelty Free Luxury with a Body Positive Ethos

Earthy Colours

You are now seeking a life that is simpler and allows you to connect to mother nature. So everything desert colours where you feel one with nature will be the colour of sustainability during this pandemic.

Green is a colour of creativity and survival. A clear message that you are adapting and gravitating to coping with new rules and regulations.

Social distancing will not come naturally and one you will challenge at all costs.