Nolan Miler was the designer for the 80’s TV series called Dynasty. He was the designer who set a trend for thick shoulder pads during a decade of power dressing.  Nolan Miler weekly wardrobe budget of $35,000, allowed him to create some 3,000 outfits for “Dynasty,” which was on the air from 1981 to 1989.

Do you recall the big hair, padded shoulders and weekly bust-ups ?  Do you fear the shoulder pad trend coming back?  I’m talking about sharp shoulders, bright prints, huge buttons and just all around fierceness. Shoulder pads in the 80’s were to do with woman’s lib and the assertion of power that women were beginning to have in the work place? Rank speculation. Whatever the reason, we wore shoulder pads often and we did so with pride.

Keeping this in mind, don’t panic! Have a look at what Burberry has done to re-create the 80’s twist including the shoulder pad.


Burberry glamorous dresses are  made with so many unique and feminine details such as collars, pintuck details, pockets, beaded shoulders, back zippers, fold-back sleeves, elastic waists, pleated details and SHOULDER PADS.

This is a great start to the return of the 80’s fashion. How chic does the shoulder pad look this 2012

Burberry Prorsum 2012 collection CO/burberry



BURBERRY-PRORSUM-FALL-2012.shoulder pads

BURBERRY-PRORSUM-FALL-2012.long jacket

BURBERRY-PRORSUM-FALL-2012 gold jacket


Loving the blouse


Burberry blouse 2012