What luxury jewellery do I wear as a luxury lifestyle journalist, when all I have is two suitcases whilst travelling around the world? Ok most jewellery does not take too much space but still what luxury pieces of jewellery will work with the outfits that I have packed? I will reveal to you my luxury handmade piece accessory that I am travelling with for 2018.

The year 2017 is almost coming to an end and it has been a top year with regards to profound experiences like reviewing five star hotels, restaurants and exclusive luxury cars. With these experiences I have felt more so then ever that my image is important, and what I choose to wear as a fashion and lifestyle blogger will enhance my success and that of my blogs.

The year 2018 will be the year that I travel even more and for longer stints  and that comes with its challenges mainly with regards to the amount of stuff that I can bring with me. I feel sad to leave so much of my wardrobe and jewellery back at my house.  For someone that has grown up in an Italian family in Australia only gold jewellery would do, every time my parents would come back from a trip to Italy there were always some gold pieces of jewellery. Call it my DNA, I continue to choose and wear jewellery that endures my travel and the diversity it adds to how I look, feel and act. I still love gold but I am open to other quality parts of jewellery.

Nakibirango Cocoon collection gold plated

I understand quality and I understand that when I choose the right accessory, it draws the right attention. More so in the world of luxury travel, I and others are always observing what people choose to wear. It is all about getting it right for the image you want to portray.

Here I am wearing Metiseko whilst reviewing the Fusion Maia Danang hotel in Vietnam.

Nakibirango Metamorphosis Collection  – Cocoon

I am at an age in where less is more when I am travelling. I simply have to be very selective in what I can take on my luxury tours. Most of the time, I don’t want to be pondering for hours what to wear around my neck. I don’t want to take it off either whilst swimming, eating or when driving a luxury car.

I like to continue to wear the same accessory for weeks on end. It’s for this reason my Jewellery of choice for 2018 comes from Nakibirango London. I love the fact that through its on-line store I can find imaginatively designed jewellery for a new generation of luxury customers such as myself.

The designer behind Nakibirongo, Naki Kaddu, was born to an Irish mother and Ugandan father. Designing jewellery since 2008, it was whilst in Greece in 2014 where she started Nakibirango London. In her own words:

“The Nakibirango jewellery collection celebrates my love for Greek Mythology, my African heritage and semi precious gems, the heroines of any woman’s wardrobe” – Naki Kaddu creative designer.

New Collection Coming Soon 2018, Sofia Bracelets

My favourite piece is the Cocoon which is part of the Metamorphosis collection. The Cocoon was inspired by The Emperor Moth story; the pupa that has to be inside the cocoon, before it can become full grown, into the majestic Emperor moth gave birth to the concept crafted into this pendant.

“This necklace symbolises my journey this year, slowly growing and transforming to an elegant butterfly, in where I am free to choose and explore what I love.”

Why I also chose the Metamorphosis Cocoon necklace is the 27 inch chain length, which is the perfect length to accessorise with my limited luxury wardrobe. It really stands out as a masterpiece on its own whilst not overpowering anything but my long neck. It can be worn hours a day every day.

Nakibirango Cocoon collection gold plated

Travel With Style

I only like to travel with one special high end accessory and the Nakibirango Cocoon collection fits my criteria, I love the fact there are three different colours to chose from either sterling silver, rose gold plated or gold plated. It is the perfect colour combination that works with my luxury lifestyle and showcases my love for handmade quality jewellery.