It is winter and I want to stay stylish and keep my neck warm. I am in Italy and noticed elderly men wearing a cravat. I first loved the cravat when I saw Al Pacino from The Godfather wearing it. He looked so stylish and very handsome empowering too. For me, it is the perfect accessory for an opulent lifestyle.

So can women wear a cravat?

Al Pacino wearing a cravat

Empowering your Neck Image

2021 is all about finding work. Even if you are working from home when on a zoom call one’s video image must stand out. I highly recommend a cravat. It’s is a focal point you will be remembered for. In 2014 I did this video of experimenting with different styles with my cravat.

Paisley Pink Cravat

This pink paisley cravat is very feminine and teamed with a pinstripe blazer jacket, it is the perfect stay home zoom attire.

Cravat Club An Online Store (5)

Neck Style And Warmth

There are two different types of silk cravats: printed and woven silk cravats. When I walk and meet people I always need to keep my neck looking stylish and warm. I am opting for a winter cravat. The jacquard woven silk cravats are thicker and tend to be more lustrous in colour; therefore are more suitable for the cooler months of the year and formal wear.

Summer Cravat

Printed silk cravats tend to be lighter-weight silk and more often adorned in the warmer months and for more casual occasions. Silk feels lovely on my neck.

Caretti clogs Cashmere Shawl

Now I am holding a cashmere shawl which is far too warm and heavy in the summer. So teaming my silk cravat with a lace shirt is very chic. Another stylish option is wearing a cravat with a shirt or maxi dress. Again keeping the style very elegant with a practical twist to it.

Cravats unlike ties can be worn loosely around the neck so it gives it more of a casual vibe and is more comfortable.


Shirts are great to team your cravat with. I would opt for plain shirts and let the paisley cravats do the talking. Great for stay home wear whilst zooming.

cravat for women (2) lace

Team it with a woolen bra with your silk cravat for a much more sexual message.

Lace Cravat

I am on a formal aristocratic family estate in Italy at the moment and cravats were worn for image and status. I would opt for a lace cravat if you can find one. If not arts and crafts are a skill one can learn during the lockdown.

Cravat Dolce+Gabbana+

Team your lace cravat in with luxury silk trainer wear. And you can cook in opulent style for this coming Christmas.

Gucci Cravat 2016