Just like each person has their own individual smell, so does each home. While it’s all very well saying each home’s smell is unique and special, some homes objectively do smell better than others.

If your home is one of those that doesn’t smell quite as good as your friends and colleagues, not all is lost. There are a few simple tips, listed below, that can massively help freshen your space up – all that’s required is a bit of care and attention.

Clean your carpet

Carpets are one of those things that we often forget about until they’re in a terrible state. They’re porous, and over time, will start to trap the odours of all the things you’ve spilt and trodden in over the years.

The best way to clean your carpet is by getting the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. They use specialised equipment to really get all the grime out, that you just wouldn’t manage to remove with a sponge. If you do want to try to get rid of the smell yourself, you can also try using domestic deodorisers and other little tricks.

Use a scent diffuser

Cleaning your carpet and home will get rid of the bad smells, but what about adding good ones? One effective way of adding a nice smell to your home is to use some sort of scent diffuser.

There are all sorts of options available depending on your preferences, from Oud reed diffusers to scented candles. You can play around with different smells until you find something that you and your family click with – you might even find that you prefer to shift things up a bit, with a different smell for each season.

Clean your kitchen

Often, kitchens can start to smell a bit funny. If yours is starting to go a little sour, then there are a few tips you can follow. One main culprit can be semi-blocked drains; to clear these out, you can often achieve promising results with a domestic drain cleaner.

Dishwashers can also start to smell bad, and they do need cleaning. Some will have special cleaning cycles, or you can buy a product that you cycle through every few months to freshen it up. Additionally, if you find your rubbish starts to smell bad, try throwing in some citrus peel every now and then – it’ll freshen the space up to no end.

Air out your home

Of course, this is weather dependent, but it’s important to remember to frequently air out your home. Even with high heating bills, you need to open those windows every now and then, to let some fresh air in and send some of that stale air out. Just don’t forget to close them again before you leave.

These are just a few tips to help you get your home smelling great again. Of course, there may be other specific culprits that are behind the odours that aren’t included in this article – you might need to do a little detective work, but you’ll find it in the end.