What About Sustainability? (With Shipping Information) Vestiaire Collective is a new e-commerce site that’s enough to make a fashion blogger drool. can I make a profit using this online platform?

Vestiaire Collective is the leading online marketplace to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion. Why has our consumption habits affected our global community?  Our buying of clothes has turned fashion into one of the most polluting habits of unwanted clothing.  Thanks to influencers and Tik Tok,  it is an obsession with newness that brought us here.

To a point where 100 billion new items of clothing are churned out each year, on a planet already groaning with cast-offs.

I sold these Dolce & Gabbana boots as they were so uncomfortable. I made no money on these boots but what I did was made sure it went to a new home. That made me happy.

Dolcegabbana suede boots made in italy (2)

Sustainable Fashion

Is Vestiaire Collective really about decluttering and buying less? Is it about saving our planet?  I have sold 10 items on Vestiaire Collective and have bought one handbag,  it’s a wooden bag I don’t have in my existing wardrobe. I bought it for pleasure and a feel-good factor.

This platform is dangerous regarding credit cards.  Am I going to end up with the same amount of items by selling my existing ones? Or am I going to end up poorer for it? Is my old wardrobe better quality compared to the new one slowing coming in?

It isn’t enough to simply swap a Net-a-Porter habit for a Vestiaire Collective one. It’s a change in mindset, not in shopping method, that will save my bank account and buying more sustainbly. 

Vestiaire Collective - A New Way to Earn Money From Your Clothes

Fast Fashion

Brands like ZARA, Prada, Stella Mccartney are luxury fashion with a strong social media presence. Their carbon footprints are unknown and from personal experiences, you can read the longevity of what happened to my Prada leather jacket. It was not sustainable at all.

An E-Commerce Platform For Personalized Fashion

H&M is highlighting a more sustainable future but still can’t prove the staff sewing conditions and whether that organic cotton from China is ethical. Now Covid 19 has highlighted the new things we want. The number of tonnes of clothing we don’t need. It has made us treasure the items we love and highlight emissions of what it takes to own a fast fashion of high street items from Primark that we end up throwing away.

So using Vestiaire Collective is about self-control and sourcing items with selling power. My Burberry, high heels are unsold after 7mths. No one wants them.

Peers Versus Quantity

Primark is an excellent example of now trying to create a fashion footprint of clothing that will last longer. So when gen z and millennials are buying sneakers they may think more about the excess of Nike trainers they already own. I sold many shoes on Vestiaire due to not wearing heels anymore. But I love buying clothes how am I going to buy less, not impulsively and make better use of my money. Apparently investing in wine now is better than buying a Birkin bag?

Shipping Information For Vestiaire Collective

I am new to Vestiaire and have had many problems with shipping. The latest being lorry driver shortage across Europe and United Kingdom. Thanks to covid-19 my wooden bag has been stuck in Hackney Chronopost for over 10days. So this circular fashion of trying to buy accessories in responsible ways is why. I won’t be buying anything from the United Kingdom to the EU anymore.

It takes the fun out of buying second hand.

Updating Your Colour For Mental Health

It is important to change your wardrobe by wearing a colour that helps you with your mental health. Not all colours suit me and therefore I sold items that make me feel very sad.


With the money I got, it was investing into smart colours that helps me through this lockdown lifestyle.

Rental Fashion

Would you rent a wedding dress like Carrie Johnson Boris Johnson’s wife? Would rent a Chanel bag? Or rather own one? it’s a great message to create less on the textiles front. But as a resale market idea, one can’t help selling on eBay! It’s a fabulous way to rent luxury goods one can’t afford to buy.

Passion for Fashion

What’s Available? is endless in the world of fashion. It’s why my passion for fashion has supported the circular economy.  The kicks it gives me for my mental health is why too the younger generations are obsessed with keeping up with the latest trends.

Luxury brands, retailers are always going to find new ways to lure online shopping. Vestiaire Collective included is a great way to dump clothing that you are bored with, can’t fit into anymore or don’t like.

Vestiaire Collective - A New Way to Earn Money From Your Clothes

War On Our Minds

Shopping online is such a bad habit now. Debt, depression, fuel poverty is why retailers are having a field day when it comes to the war on our minds. Oxfam September, with Sienna Miller, is promoting us to buy second-hand clothing.

Do we need to wear new items to feel good? My vintage Gucci  prove that clothes don’t have to be ‘good as new’ to deserve space in our wardrobes. My second-hand clothing over the years still turns heads.

If you are seeking to master knitwear ideas or copy Dolce & Gabbana Venice collection. Take a look at how I am in two minds between buying new, buying sustainable and buy items I don’t need!

Can You Make Money Using Vestiaire Collective

I am the master of buying luxury fashion at rock bottom prices. But to date, I have not made a profit. It’s mainly recouping what I spent but in all cases. It cost me more to buy the product than make a profit. Bar three items, my items were brand new, still in the box and unworn. It’s a hard sell on Vestiaire Collective to make a profit even on new luxury items.

Top Selling Tip

Anything Gucci sells well! Burberry very hard and popular high streets brands that sell but not for good cash.

I find selling items under 100euro is the key!

I do love the thrill of selling and knowing my items are being used again.  Seeing my wardrobe shrink. Selling fur is a hard task on this platform.

Don’t Save Your Wardrobe For Your Kids

Trinny Woodhall keeps endless amounts of clothes for her daughter. I have two girls and unless it’s a bag or clothes I know they will treasure it. It’s going to be sold. Vintage Denim jeans like Prada, Gucci, MET are worth saving for your kids and they can then upcycle them. The denim of the past is much better quality than jeans of the future.

Sell For The Love Of The Planet

I am selling as I don’t need many clothing items. I have a storage full of clothes still to sell. The last few years of travel has taught me how much money I have wasted on buying unwanted clothes. It does not feel the void of discontentment.  But I have a new obsession, everything Made In Italy, everything hand made. Check out my GO red hiking boots, you can buy them!

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy