How many pairs of shoes do you own? Glamour magazine says the average woman will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime.

The magazine also says the average woman will spend $25,000 on shoes during her lifetime. It averages out to about $53 per pair. I think this is a conservative figure. When you think about how much some of the top name brands cost these days ie: Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik.

How Many Do We Own On Average?

The average woman maintains about 19 pairs of shoes at any given time, which includes about three pairs of heels; six pairs of flip flops, sandals, ballet pumps or wedges; three pairs of boots and four pairs of “foxy-style” shoes for a night out. Women also have two pairs of shoes for work and another two pair of randomly purchased shoes.

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Manolo Blahnik New Stores

This label is expanding as one of the most rapid rate seen nearly in 40 years. He has two new UK boutiques the first in Liberty and the 2nd in Harrods. A mere 300-sq ft, opening later this month.

When do we begin buying shoes “on our own?” Around the age of 14, according to the magazine. After that, we typically buy about seven pairs of shoes a year for the rest of our lives.

I’m trying to make a mental list of all the shoes I own, and it certainly exceeds 19. I have a long way to go before we catch up to Imelda Marcos’ count of 2,700 pairs of shoes. Dare I say it, can you recall how many you have given away?




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With shoes like this from McQueen at Selfridges right now, how can we resist?

Imelda Marcos some of her shoes

Imelda Marcos some of her shoes 

Manolo Blahnik - Shoe Collection

Manolo Blahnik, opening two stores this November 2012 in Harrods and Liberty London 

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik