What is Project D? It’s a fashion line designed by two Ozzie chicks called, Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb.  However, Project D for me represents three words.  Divine, Diva, Dresses.

Us girlie’s need to understand one thing and one thing only. That dresses will always stand out, no matter what time of the day it is, let alone what time of the year it is.

First of all, some friends certainly can bring out the best in each other when it comes to self-belief. Dannii’s and Tabitha’s combination of design is clearly working. You can see they simply love what they do. They live, breath and wear the style. That’s what fashion is all about.

You don’t need a special occasion to wear these dresses. There is no time than the present to wear Project D all day every day.

These two Sheila’s whether out and about or inside their design room. Certainly give the impression that they are wearing their flowing silky dresses all the time. I have no doubt when it comes to cocktail parties even with friends at home they are dressing in their chic cocktail attire. As for the red-carpet where we all can learn from Danni.  It’s refreshing to know that if you need a dress for any kind of posh event. Project D has ready to wear collections for your red carpet event. You don’t have to be famous to create your own red carpet début.

If itis rock fairy you are after, then go for the animal print dresses. However I am loving, the lace dresses for that more rock-chic edge.

Fashion tips

  1.  Chunky studded belts will work with some of these dresses.
  2. Ash boots and spiky pumps will give and edgy appeal to any of the daywear dresses.
  3. Leather jackets are all the rage so short, cropped and fitted will give you a rock look.
  4. Keep the stockings simple and show your legs this winter.
  5. Clutch bags are so the way forward with these dresses
  6. Evening gowns, bring on the bling, work the hair. The bigger the better.
Project D is for the women who DARES to wear DRESSES AND DANCES life away.

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Bluebird Peplum Dress was worn by Pippa-Middleton

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Danni made a brilliant entrance at her recent collection for Project D. She left No5 Cavendish in Mayfair in her stunning blue sequin dress. It was a tad too long and lost her footing in pure fashion catwalk style. The perfect way to get the press in a frenzied state of fashion couture blunders.

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Navy dream maxi shoulder dress, perfect for the opera.

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Leather jacket in the toe and what a cocktail evening dress this is.

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Nothing wrong in wearing this for a lunchtime Christmas event.

Danni Minogue - Project D, London, Fashion & Style

Heading out for rock night out on the town. This is for you.