My gorgeous friend Rose, knows my style and being in Europe she e-mailed me this link and I had to just brag about it.  Maiocchi’s collection is vintage inspired and the dresses are very feminine.  Their charming prints and quirky little details and their figure flattering shapes, is very refreshing to see.

Why buy it?

First of ladies well done, this Australian made fashion label rocks. Good to see it’s not coming out of China. My few visits to Australia has left me a tad disappointed when it comes to frocks and the lack of inspiration and quality. These dresses and skirts are versatile, timeless and just makes you feel girlie and happy.

Europeans how to wear it in winter?

Winter is soon approaching and these dresses certainly will take those winter blues away. Summer dresses worn in winter? How? It’s all about leather here right now. Grab your thick leather jacket, team it with some plain brogues. Find some quirky simple leggings and this dress can be worn in all seasons.

Ozzie chic

When I am in Australia and buying a very pretty dress. I always get asked.  What special occasion are you buying this dress for? Answer NONE.

These dresses need to be worn, all day everyday and even at the beach. Ditch the shorts, the casual dress code and  flip flops (thongs) embrace these styles and dress to impress and show the world, what it means to be a lady.

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The Competition


Crikey ladies what are you waiting for?


It’s reversible, wicked so when I have worn it too much just turn it inside out


Starry-Nights-Dress, Rose you would rock this dress


Le-Papillon-Dress, for those winter blues days


Under the Umbrella-Dress, so will rock in Europe this winter


Loving their attention to detail, look at that pretty little black lace


My purple vintage leather Dior jacket, will rock with this dress this winter