Whether we like it or not, real fur won’t go away. It’s a personal choice if you want to wear a real fur coat. I encourage anyone to buy vintage fur as Gucci and many luxury brands are no longer selling animal fur. There are plenty of charity stores and markets throughout Europe that still sells fur. Fendi sells fur because it’s always been part of the brand’s DNA. Italy and Russia are very strong now still selling vintage fur.

Creative Upcycled Fur Ideas for Sustainable Fashion fur

Don’t judge anyone for wearing vintage fur coats. As I see it, the animal is dead and it is very wasteful not to upcycle this natural fibre which is far better than fake fur for mother nature. It does not need to end up in a landmine. Bury your fur coat in a forest, take the lining out.

All my fur coats have been bought second-hand at charity shops. Holland sells very cheap fur but Italy and Russia hold onto their prices. United Kingdom stores no longer sell fur and are easy to find in vintage shops now. Less is more, I bought cheap fur in Italy and they were very low quality. If it’s shedding hair don’t buy it. The below is new Fendi fur and in its time would have sold for thirty thousand euros.

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur

It now sits unsold in a shop in Italy. This coat is about thirty years old and still looks amazing.

How To Find Your Fur Style?

Most vintage fur coats are large. They are rarely tailored. There are people who still can recut fur. I like to get fur coats like a Gilette style for a more updated look.

In my experience trying fur coats on is all about how they look. I’m surprised that what may look good on one person can look fashionably nasty on another. There are three crucial things to look out for when purchasing a fur coat. Firstly, the size of the coat. Make sure that it fits and the coat does not look too big. You can instantly tell this by noticing that you are all fur and nothing else, go with your first reaction. The second, most crucial aspect to keep in mind, is the colour of the fur coat. Get this wrong and the coat just won’t have that chic, eye-catching image you are looking for. And let’s face it, this fashion investment is not for the fainted-hearted. Finally, the length of the fur coat will make a huge difference. I find coats that sit above my waist look the best on me, everyone is different and you’ll know what suits your body shape best.

Mink Fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage (1)

The above is mink fur this is stunning and I bought it at a charity. All my fur coats are vintage finds.

Mink coat Gracie Opulanza

I have had this mink coat for over ten years now. The short elegant cut is very chic and looks fabulous with dresses and denim. It keeps me very warm.

Creative Upcycled Fur Ideas for Sustainable Fashion

This shearling coat is large on me but the length is perfect. Great for walking on snow. I actually ski in fur coats and they look amazing and are very warm.

Real vs Fake

In all of my fashion purchasing experience, I have found that finding the right fur coat is not an easy decision to make. Take your time and do your research regarding how to know if it is real fur. REAL vs FAKE FUR – How to tell the difference.

Fur is animal so if it feels real then it is. You can get fake fur which is of high quality too. The key is real fur is sown together like patchwork. There are factor is you will see that real fur has the skin from the animal sown onto normal silk.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option?

How To Wear Fur Coats?

I like to mix and match my coats with lots of colour. Teaming them with Mou boots with lots of bling. If you live in a ski resort this is the perfect place to showcase your fur coats. I lived in Andorra which is all about skiing. I team fur with wool trousers and skirts. It all comes down to personal taste.