Whether we like it or not, real fur is back! It’s a personal choice if you want to wear a real fur coat, I have a fox fur coat and a mink coat both Vintage and I will not part with them. If you were to only buy one fur coat then go for a Mink, they feel amazing and are very warm. These opulent purchases are very tricky and the only way to know if they look good on you is to try a few on. Yes, you can search on the net and e-bay but before you part with your hard earned cash I highly recommend you try before you buy.

In my experiences of trying these fur coats on, usually with friends, I’m surprised that what may look good on one person can look fashionably nasty on another. There are three crucial things to look out for when purchasing a fur coat. Firstly, the size of the coat. Make sure that it fits and the coat does not look too big. You can instantly tell this by noticing that you are all fur and nothing else, go with your first reaction. The second, most crucial aspect to keep in mind, is the colour of the fur coat. Get this wrong and the coat just won’t have that chic, eye catching image you are looking for. And let’s face it, this fashion investment is not for the fainted hearted. Finally, the length of the fur coat will make a huge difference. I find coats that sit above my waist look the best on me, everyone is different and you’ll know what suits your body shape best.

Real vs Fake

In all of my fashion purchasing experience I have found that find the right fur coat not an easy decision to make. Take your time and do your research regarding how to know if it is real fur. REAL vs FAKE FUR – How to tell the difference.

I’ve still got it wrong in the past. If you are not sure that you want to own a real fur coat then go for a fake fur coat, there are absolutely plenty of them on the high streets right now.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market in the UK  have a great range of fur coats and the prices start from £80 up to £350 depending on the quality. The gorgeous and helpful Lelia at Spitalfields knows her fur coats and is very honest with her customers, if you go and see her she will give you all the time you need to make the right decision. If you find a fur coat you love yet it’s just not perfect, find an expert that can alter it and go for it. I am in process of doing this and will show you the transformation once it is done.

The following images are examples to show how long the process can be when deciding which fur coat is right for you. Amanda is trying on a Artic Fox Fur.