I am adamant that post-Covid, as we’ve all proven we can work from home, going to the office should be an event, an enjoyable experience. Now that people have been asked to return to the office, the more significant challenge is what to wear to the office. Why is this a huge challenge for workers heading back to the office?

The simple reason is people have got lazy dressing up. The attitude of can’t be bothered items from working from home. Clothes sitting for over two years have not been worn. In most cases, many people got larger than life whilst working from home. They simply can not fit into their former clothes.

People have been traumatised by the loss of loved ones, and being isolated for so long regarding public behaviour. The owners of businesses are having a hard time getting people legally back into the workforce, as opposed to staying home. If you are a photography company then wear what she is below. In fashion your options are endless when attending catwalks and fashion weeks.

bright-colour-suits, lime green 2013

What Is Your Office Message?

They engage in a new all-time low of staff morale. Business owners need to reassess what fashion and public image they want to portray in their office. Do you want people to bring their humour, creativity, empathy, and emotions to work? What they wear as individuals is a  natural result of how they express themselves in the way they dress.

Still formal, still absolutely top-end and appropriate to the luxury market with which we engage, not undermining your gravitas as a professional, but you don’t have to wear ties, you can still wear your suits if you like. Just think about the details to express your individuality. So for example if you are in your twenties where colourful shirts.

I drive luxury cars like theBentley Continental GTC Speed, so clearly my office attire is all about the lifestyle message that matches the car.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (5)


Wear Colour and Bling

For day-to-day, if you fancy an electric-blue sequinned jacket and gold leather trousers, if you want pink hair or scarlet DMs, if you want a purple velvet jacket, that’s all good. Inflation is high, cost of living is stressful. Ukraine’s war with Russia has escalated to a new all-time high. Due to lower pay conditions and people having to work harder for less quality of life.

We are living in what I call, an age of rage. A mentality of discontent.

vintage womens suits

What Does Your New Dress Code Memo Include?

Is your dress code non-gender-specific? Not scruffy or ungroomed, not hoody-techy (except for the techy people, who I appreciate are hard-wired to wear hoodies).

Define what you deem as non-trashy, always in good taste, but you can all be as wildly fabulous as you feel like, and express yourselves to the full. All parts of one of your staff core values define how to bring your staff personality to work!”

Make it clear whether that’s power, formality, affluence, flamboyance or conservatism, are the first part of the workplace dynamic when you’re engaging with someone.

How Suits Do Not Apply For That Lawyer Image

If you are a law firm working with millionaires and billionaires. Then that classic suit attire may now only be suited for estate agents and property investors.

But now business suits are so much the domain of bankers and estate agents that they’re eschewed by some of the funkier London clubs.

Bespoke suits from Savile Row are very conservative. These days the options are endless. So again if you want to make an impact and win your client’s trust. Teach your lawyers to study their client’s lifestyles and dress codes. Dress according to to impress them as opposed to the status quo.

The famous series of SUITS starred Meghan Markle the wife of Prince Harry. This is an excellent example of how lawyer attire has evolved. Even the Good Wife, were an excellent example of women opting for more eccentric and bespoke tailoring to win their day in court.

Empower Your Office To Win

Clothes are all about empowering one’s personality. The feel-good factor of personal style can mean the difference between a sale and not. Reality shows now are excellent examples of recreating the public image. Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO have endless fashion series for you to be inspired. Involve your staff when you are seeking an overall public office image.

It all comes down to what image you want to give out regarding your access to new clients and public image.