Whilst at Paris Couture Fashion week I stumbled on the  SS23 collection, Juana Martín. She was presenting her “Orígenes” collection, an ode to her Spanish and flamenco roots. This collection reflects the unique haute couture skills of her work in fabrics and prints, and also offers an accurate result to her flamenco style, with a more avant-garde touch.

Inspired by her summers in Málaga, a place that has seen many of her creative processes, Juana Martín returns to this city to create “Orígenes”. The blue of its beaches, its people and the harmony of its land are embodied in this collection that, according to the designer’s words,

is designed for an elegant and transgressive woman, who dares to take another step towards evolution and personal development”.

Also, in the “Orígenes” fashion show were presenting accessories such as Christian Louboutin shoes, Nadia Chellaoui bags and Plata Pura goldsmith work. Juana Martín offers us a beautiful gathering between renowned designers and her vision of design, to unveil a contemporary and modern collection.

The words describe a method of fabric design that is called tie-dyeing. In this process, parts of a piece of fabric are pulled into tufts which are bound with string or elastic bands. The material is then saturated with dye. Where the fabric is bound, it resists the dye; elsewhere, dye is absorbed.
Tie Dye Print

Tie Dye Print

I am not a fan of this print. I see it a lot out here in Thailand. But to see it in Avanti Garde is just stunning. To then create it inspired by Spain’s flamenco DNA is taking it to another level. The use of denim is a perfect example of why not upcycle your old denim jacket or jeans. The design ideas are endless.

SS23 collection, Juana Martín is presenting her “Orígenes” collection,

Team the above with some high-waisted Spanish trousers and you will be rocking the dance floor away. The hat can be worn on its own.

Denim That Gets You Noticed

If tie dye was not your thing and you want to set a trend. Look no further when you are out for your next Ferrari Roma to drive. Clothes and supercars that give you access to events you normally can’t get into are why. You should embrace this collection. Its frills and hats are your go-to attitude. What are you waiting for? These are investment pieces.

Tie Dye Print

Trench Coat With A Twist

If trench coats are your passion. You are looking for a trench coat that is in denim but with plenty of frills. Then this dress coat is for you. Team it with chunky ankle boots or elegant ankle boots for SS23 from Chanel are you are going to rock the streets of Madrid in this.

tie dye denim

I am loving the silver platform boots they look great with it.

Hotels And Cocktail Bars

Hotels and cocktail bars are ready and waiting when you are turning up for your next tinder date. If creativity and being extravagant are your dating message, then look no further for your next date outfit.

denim tie dye spain

It is all about commanding your own fans.

Turning Fifty

If fifty is a year to celebrate your life. Then choose an outfit and go to Ibiza and party the night away.  Everyone in Spain will certainly appreciate the cultural association. men will be coming at you, like running of the balls.

SS23 Collection Juana Martin Origenes Spain (3)

Fashion Shows

The next time you are heading to London Fashion Week, then look no further and wear a tie-dye denim outfit like below. You will be certainly setting the trend in the future. You can mix and match the denim trousers with a top of your choice. It’s a comfortable elegant attire that is jaw-dropping regarding street style.

SS23 Collection Juana Martin Origenes Spain (3)