Over the last year I have reviewed over Seventy 5 star hotels and resorts for MenStyleFashion. The biggest challenge I have found is what to pack for a two night or weekend stay. As I see it these hotels are a perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style. Within these luxury hotels or resorts, I am finding that first appearances count. I have also discovered that many business people meet in these establishments to meet new clients or close a big deal. Keeping that in mind. What key pieces have I discovered that works for me whilst staying at a 5 Star Hotel? What shoes do I wear that literally turn heads every single hotel? And finally what outfit do I choose to wear to meet new clients?


Eyewear Exclsuives

I have been trending eccentric exclusive eye-wear since 2011 My eye-wear is my niche it is my unique marketing opportunity, to showcase my sense of eye style. Over the years I have had so many compliments about my eye wear, that it really gives me such a boost of confidence. Even if you don’t need them like I do. Always make sure you have a pair of eye-wear with you. Regarding business deals, they can certainly portray an intellectual side of you. In my case they are what I remembered for the most.


Foldable Pumps

I bought these in Kuala Lumpar and they are the most comfortable eye catching pumps I have ever owned. I am so precious about them that I only wear then inside the hotel. I choose to wear them for going to the Spa and Wellness areas. The simple reason, under no circumstances will you ever see me wearing slippers provided by the hotel. They are just damn right ugly and also they are an unnecessary waste. I wonder how many hotel slippers are thrown out each day? It is so disrespectful to our environment and so unnecessary for 2016. Theses foldable pumps, are easy to slip on and off, they look elegant and regarding packing them in an overnight suitcase well 25 comes to mind. They are the best thing created since chocolate.




In hotels it can be a real hit and miss when it comes to showcasing your swimwear and what you are wearing over it. I normally opt for a dress over my swimwear in where you can’t see the swimwear. Thanks to Freeze Frame Fashion, I have for the first time in my life exposed my swimwear with these stunning covers. I walk to the spa in them. Especially in the world of luxury I need to set a good example. The great thing is if you are not confident with you body. These  sequin dresses  cover everything and look fabulous at the same time. Once again the bathroom robes supplied by hotels are a waste, not necessary and not environmental friendly. How many people really choose to wear hotel robes?  You will not see me in them either as they make me look huge, they are heavy and just so dated in every sense of the word.

freeze-frame-fashion-wbali-retreat-seminyak-whotel-11 freeze-frame-fashion-wbali-retreat-sequin-dress freezeframefashion-swimwear-bali-gracie-opulanza-2016-5


For me your swimwear is really important during a luxury stay. I choose to always bring three. The simple reason is I loathe wearing wet swimwear throughout a hotel. They eventually smell and it is important that you give your swimwear time to dry. If you leave your swimwear wet for hours then it ruins the shape as well.  Bikinis are quick and easy to dry and for a Spa treatment I find they are great.  I find that at some swimming pools it is about being seen not just the swim. My third piece is always a proper swimwear for doing laps, it is how I keep in shape.




Sequence swimwear are my new best friend as they look  elegant  under a see through top and also if you’re staying at a resort they are perfect cocktail item to wear whilst at the outdoor swimming area. I never swim in them as they are too gorgeous and also I find they are actually very uncomfortable to swim in.  Also I don’t want to swim in them to avoid the bikini loosing its shape. So you’re killing two birds at once. By choosing the sequin, swimwear that looks great on a sunbed and also very versatile under a see through top for a cheeky cocktail.



Silk Wrap Dress

These dresses look the part, very lite in weight and versatile. I chose to wear this wrap because you didn’t have to iron it and the red earth colour was very striking both during the day and evening. I found this colour is a powerful colour when meeting new clients, the simple reason is I kept on getting compliments more than usual. In my case I teamed it with a vintage high top opera hat worth £2500. it folds down so perfect for suitcase space.

gracie-opulanza-cadogan-gardens-knightsbridge-vintage-hat gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-2 gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-3


I am a huge lover of pearls and I find they are a statement piece of chic elegance. Recently I have chosen to opt for chunky pearl rings as they are such a nice ice-breaker. I find women in their late thirties are drawn to them more and more. Also my new best friend are Keshi pearl you can read read  more abut them here.

Keshi Pearls

Keshi Pearls

South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls

Watches are so powerful when out in public and a watch can have so much power about representing who you’re as a person. Over the years,  men love watches and they are always commenting on mine. The simple reason is, I choose to wear men’s watches, a I am the female voice for men. So make sure you wear the most ostentatious watch you have at these hotel.

Omega Vintage Watch

Omega Vintage Watch


This has to be the most challenging of them all, what to take in as a handbag. On this occasion if you’re wanting to showcase off your golden gem them opt for two pieces. One for the evening to showcase a unique side of you during dinner. The other a day business bag that will get your respected as a female who know’s her bag sense.