Heading To Los Angeles and having no idea what to wear? Here are some style tips and collections ready to go for your LA lifestyle trip.

Dariya Mir

Dariya Mir is an international influencer with 2 million followers. Mir is a fashion model and style icon, and recently launched her casual
clothing line inspired by her LA lifestyle. Mir understands finding the balance of street style without compromising comfort. This collection is all about being at your best whilst living and dressing in LA.

Los Angeles Fashion - Dariya Mir Causal Clothing Style Tips

Mir X Nike

Dariya Mir, has successful collaborations with big activewear brands like Allo yoga and Nike. She was inspired to make her own clothing line for her lifestyle here in LA. Mir is an active youthful lady who needs clothing that moves with her grooves. America is a sporty nation and the no-frills approach is why Mir is an example of LA trends.

Los Angeles Fashion - Dariya Mir Causal Clothing Style Tips


The streetwear LA collection is all about a  style that works well with her singing career. Mir released 3 great singles last year that you can hear on Spotify and SoundCloud. Her casual clothing collection has given her the confidence to build on a strong modelling and music career. Her collection is combining work with how she wants to dress here in LA.

Los Angeles Fashion - Dariya Mir Causal Clothing Style Tips

LA StreetStyle Lifestyle

LA is a vibrant city capital of a relaxed and simple healthy lifestyle. It is a place where one comes to build on their personal brand. Mir understands that the LA style is all about minimalistic, easy to wear clothing with movement that caters for any size woman.

Mir is all about conserving that planet as much as she can by incorporating the use of organic materials. Dariya is a pioneer of well-being and an active lifestyle, her former skills as a gymnast and dancer, give her that designer edge.

Women want to look good but not lose the comfort side of fashion.

Los Angeles Fashion - Dariya Mir Causal Clothing Style Tips

Youth And Health

Mir has a mantra, You are what you wear. That is why she is modelling her own collection commanding youth and health. Mir is all about combing exercise with a LA cafe culture in mind. Her LA casual wear is all about running in public and then stopping for a freshly squeezed juice. But not looking out of place whilst doing so.

As she pursues and builds future projects her brand will infiltrate her very active lifestyle. Mir will continue her singing career and keep designing casual wear that can be easily thrown in the wash. Also, easy outfits to travel with whilst on tour. Mir is all about inspiring young ladies to move and groove with a worldwide distribution. To educate a young generation that if you look and feel good within your limits. Join Mir’s journey of adopting healthy habits.