Two precious forms of art and beauty weave in a symbolic dialogue that reflects the desire for freedom and elegance in motion at the heart of the new luminous and sophisticated show designs. How do art and fashion work together? Today I want to inspire you to be the artist in your world of fashion. How I wept with joy wondrous, running around showcasing my art in this case the clothes I chose to wear.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel Stair case gracie opulanza

The 15th century Palace has been declared a National Monument. This particular ballroom has hosted so many nobles of the past. Can you just dream about what was worn here in both fashion and jewellery?

Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ballroom venice

It still preserves the untouched beauty of an ancient noble Residence. It oozes romance while the opulently frescoed ballroom and lounge echo epic events of the past. Just gliding up the imposing marble staircase; whilst resisting a tap on a cherub’s peachy cheek, feels positively regal.
Ca’ Sagredo’sis a palazzo that are storybook scenes of old.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( stair case Gracie Opulanza

The hotels have examples of classic Venetian styling. That no one else in the world can replicate. Fashion is what we can copy. But personal style is an art to be learnt.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel staircase Venice

Airbrushing and Photoshop

Vogue and Social media condition us to look in a certain way. To buy into trends to we have a polished look. But style is worn with confidence and boldness to go against current trends.

Millennials and Generation Z have access to apps that mould themselves into unrealistic beauty. This virtual world has stifled creativity and personal style within the world of fashion.

I am just me having fun showing you my personal style.

ballroom Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy (

Airbrushing and Photoshop and saw the exposés of flawless magazine cover stars who weren’t flawless at all. Instead of rejecting the falsehoods, they’re crafting idealised digital versions of themselves too. This ballroom dating back over 500 years, including the noble family fashion history.

Ballroom Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( Gracie Opulanza (3)

Painted art was then also a form of idealised painting of how the family wanted to be remembered. So are we really looking at the real family image? Or have they too been photoshopped using art?

Ballroom Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( Gracie Opulanza (3)

Fashion is a creative world made for dreaming, but I am learning real-life can be beautiful too.” The next time you book a palazzo stay. Do your own style of photoshopping.

The point his we humans have never changed regarding how we present ourselves in the world of image and fashion.

Ballroom Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( Gracie Opulanza (3)

Exaggeration Makes Me Feel Happy

Exaggeration makes me feel strong and powerful,” I wear fashion that is extremely flashy and colourful and joyful. I choose to wear items that make no sense.

Ca Sagredo palazzo venice italy hotel (1)

Ca sagredo palazzo Venice Italy Gracie Opulanza knitwear (4)

I am not a conformist, and I am never about fashion rules or dress codes. Clothes are my therapy. The clothing I had made, no one else in the world is teaming it together like I have, let alone wearing it.

pucci print Ca Sagredo palazzo venice italy h

Lockdown, the reality is tough. me dressing up in this palazzo shouldn’t have to reflect that.”

Ca Sagredo palazzo Venice Italy Gracie Opulanza knitwear (1)

This cardigan is over 3kg in weight, an upcycling technique using elastic.

Ca sagredo palazzo Venice Italy Gracie Opulanza knitwear (2)

The Art Of Personal Style

Personal style, it’s about what we feel when we’re presented with something truly beautiful.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy (3)

This image was born from a desire to play with our perceptions, over 500 years ago.

ornate ceiling 15th century venice Ca sagredo

Like the above way of highlighting the overwhelming emotions, we can feel in the presence of beauty, by using this palazzo as a background.

Ca Sagredo Venice Hotel Staircase Grand Canal (3)

Style and interior design go hand in hand.

My objective is to convey this emotion serving the palazzo and its mysteries.”

Ca Sagredo Hotel Venice Grand Canal (3)