I got Covid and I feel amazing, fitter than ever and my skin looks glowing. I actually am been told, I look ten years younger. Yesterday I read, It is harder to distinguish between a cold and Covid which can fuel the rise of the new variant as people don’t think they need to get tested. This was me, I thought I had a cold. It was only my husband insisting I get tested. I lived on a massive Tuscan estate seeing no one for days on end. I was isolating anyway, just to be safe.

“Covid is acting differently now: it’s more like a bad cold in this younger population”, said Spector. “This means that people might think that they’ve got some sort of seasonal cold.

Roses Tuscany

Ten days after being tested with Covid, in Tuscany.

How I got Covid, living on a remote estate seeing no one new. I was being careful as I was to go to Rome and Venice for work. You can’t escape this virus that is clear.

Time Versus Experiences

Can tell you there is no such thing as time. There is only life, there are only experiences.

If you experience vividly, and to do that means that it’s not time, it’s experience.

It is the desire to live, it’s the energy, the will of living, that makes life bright. That turns the world into a theatre that makes you feel the vividness of things. This is why it’s so important not to think in terms of life.

The main thing, of course, is having a really passionate interest or set of interests. So for me, it’s my own blog and MenstyleFashion.com

So if you’re committed to something, if you’re campaigning, if things really absorb you, and you want to know more and more about them, or if you’re busy doing something, making something, building a company or writing a book, or if there’s something that engages you, that really does keep you young and keep you going.

In the last twenty years, l have had amazing experiences. New adventures and living life thanks to experiences. That includes the last year here in Italy.

La Biennale Venice

Covid Deaths

For those who have lost loved ones, I truly feel very sad. Last year due to cancer I lost my brother aged 54years and a very good friend, aged 38 years. I also lost two Uncles aged over 80 years.

So I feel your loss and pain. I am Australian and I can’t go home to see my family as they won’t let me in let alone return to Europe. It is an unknown certainty when I can return home, maybe in 2023!

Gracie Opulanza Pucci print playsuit venice 2021 vintage (2)

I in Venice after Covid five weeks later.

Men Need Oxygen

My husband got Covid and he ended up in the hospital. He just got worse and after ten days I called the ambulance for the second time and insisted he goes into hospital. Once they gave him oxygen non-stop for five days, he was better. Medical teams do know what to do with Covid. So why are we accepting lockdowns? In speaking to the doctor who came to the estate. He reassured me that they know what to do here in Italy. Doctor’s do not want people in the hospital so they check you at home with the latest scans to see what is happening to your lungs.  They were an amazing team.

Covid 19 Italy

Meeting us on my estate to scan our lungs. The medical doctor rang me every day to see how we were feeling.  My husband was getting very angry and this is a sign of oxygen depletion. He rarely gets angry. So if you see behaviour changes, call the ambulance. My husband, after six weeks still needs to take an afternoon nap every day.

I do see exhaustion and a mental state of mind change here even now. My friend who gave us Covid is a 73years old guy and he was in the hospital for three weeks due to needing oxygen. Men suffer from exhaustion and breathing problems. They need oxygen.

Covid is like a thief in the night, it attacked your lungs and you may not even know it.

My Symptoms

I started noticed two weeks before I got a fever. That I was breathless when I walked. I walked every day for nine months on the estate. I thought this was odd.

I also had this relentless cough, forming and very irritating. But for the last three years, I get this exact cough every year. So for me it’s normal for the cough to reoccur.

Did I have lung issues before Covid? I don’t know, I have never been to a doctor in years.

Runny Nose is Covid or A Cold?

A runny nose can be caused by the common cold or by Covid-19. Getting a runny nose caused by Covid is much more likely when rates of the virus are high in the population at large like they are now. When rates are lower, it’s more likely to be caused by other conditions, like an allergy or a cold.

I was born with a runny nose.

Roses Tuscany

Me with Covid.

What Should I Do if I Don’t Know If It’s A Cold or Covid?

Unfortunately, despite the “classic” symptoms no longer being the most common, the government is only giving away free PCR tests to people with a fever, loss or change in smell or taste or a new, continuous cough. I am in Italy, I am not a resident. I had to pay for my PCR test at 80euro. I am self-employed and never received any furlough from any government. Every penny I pay is less for me to live and pay my bills. In Italy this is the same, many are not getting funding at all. So many people will wait for free tests which takes a few days for the results. Seems, odd don’t you think?

I know people who got the test, still went out and waited for the results to come in.

Medical expert, Spector says that given the changing nature of the illness, people should get a test even if their symptoms are milder or seem more like a cold.

“Do stay at home and get a test”, he said, recommending people who think they may have a cold get a lateral flow test from their nearest pharmacy.

In speaking to others who ahve gone to the pharmacy, because it’s cheaper. They say these tests are not reliable at all. They found this out later when they got the PCR test which said they had Covid. The pharmacy test, said they were covid free?

My Recovery

I was in the perfect place to get better. I had nature, essential oils, roses and olive trees to help me get through Covid. I had about 100 roses throughout my villa and next to my bed for my recovery.

roses red

I saw this butterfly when I was walking with Covid on the estate.



Headaches tend to be one of the first signs of Covid but can linger for a while in people with long Covid. Around 15 per cent of people with Covid have a headache as their only symptom. I have never had a headache in my life. So I did not get this symptom either.


All I got was a fever and a lack of breathing when I walked. I had a massive backache for three days. I was told this is muscles working thanks to Covid. I bought an electric blanket and that was brilliant for my backache.

I have not been sick for years, so I slept for three days. I had a cough and this is what I did to fight Covid. Thank God for my husband who at the time was ok.

Make sure you get help whilst having Covid. If you don’t you may end up very sick. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I drunk bay leaves with sage and that made me vomit the phlem. You need to get this out of your lungs, like the flu.

I really was unwell with a fever for only three days. It took about two weeks for the cough to go and my phlem. I did not eat much and I did lose my sense of taste. But does not anyone lose taste and smell even with a cold? I lost weight, it was a very good detox experience.


I had endless fresh rosemary and sage to drink as tea. It saved my life including prayer.



Check your oxygen levels at all time. If your reading goes under 90, call an ambulance fast. My husband’s oxygen levels never improved after ten days, he looked terrible. This was why I called the ambulance. Never be afraid to call an ambulance, they can cope here in Europe. The medical team is well and truly under control, regarding Covid patience. The medical team told me this more than once here in Tuscany. Being In Venice now June 12 2021, they are coping fine too.

They tested us both and it was only then, they told me my lungs were inflamed and I needed cortisone. I was in shock as I felt better and my fever was gone. So one week later I had to take cortisone. It really helped.

Cortisone Versus Covid

Thanks to Covid, I feel amazing. I have so much more energy than ever before. I walk a lot, I eat well and am Farley fit for a fifty-year-old. My skin looks better than ever and my mental state of mind is brilliant. I am celebrating life here in Venice by meeting new people for business. Lockdown life is not something we should tolerate anymore.

gondola venice wine

I had coughing problems every year for about a month. So why am I feeling brilliant? Was it Covid that cured me? Or was it the cortisone that I should have taken when I got my unrelenting cough for the last three years?  I use to suffer muscle ache and that has gone. I sue to be breathless all the time before Covid during exercise. I no longer have this issue.

I currently walk on average 10km a day in Venice. I come home and still feel amazing. That was never me, before Covid.

Gracie Opulanza Venice 2021 Covid 19 survivor (2)

In comparing myself to my 52year old husband. I can’t say this is the same outcome for him. He is still in recovery, after six weeks. He is very agitated, which is not him normally. He looks unwell and seems odd at times. Am I worried, yes I am? After a few weeks, we will get a full medical test to see the damage?

I force my husband to walk every day. If Covid was man-made? I know for sure it was intended to kill men and make them ill for the rest of their lives. In the last year wherever I go. There is always a bird following me and coming to my window. it is God’s angel watching over me and my family for sure.

pigeon in Venice

Will I get a medical test, hell no. I honestly thank God I got Covid I have never felt so fit in years. In regards to my skin, it’s glowing like the sun itself? Good to be alive and well in Venice. Great to be drinking a coffee at Florian. Covid 19 for me was like having the flu, a cold-like experience. I rarely get sick, so getting Covid 19 was hard going. Who likes to be unwell?

I Am Free To Travel

On the positive, I can travel, don’t have to wear a mask as I can’t infect anyone else. I don’t need to get vaccinated. Don’t be fooled, this is not the case at all. I was monitored every step of the way. I even had the Italian police call me. I had to wait for 21days to get another test. I was told I am still positive but could travel. We live in a very confusing world. The life we had before Covid is over.

Venice - Florian Coffee House 2021 Gracie Opulanza italy (2)

I will never be vaccinated? And I won’t wear a mask outside. This winter is going to be hell. Another full-on lockdown will happen this winter. As peoples, mental state of mind and health by wearing masks outside is lowering their immune system. I am worried more than ever not about getting Covid again. But what it is doing to humanity on many levels.

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