What do these three famous influential woman, Ms. Kardashian West, Beyonce and Ms Lopez, have in common? They are all mums who act the very opposite to how the average day mum is. They are the goddesses of fashion and entertainment. They have access to the best money can buy. Whether it be food, childcare, beauty treatments and clothing, there is no way in hell ordinary mums can compete with them. There are mums out there who just don’t have the skill, time, money, let alone the motivation, to look this good. I mean, how many mums out there will ever walk a red carpet event?

Who are these three mums vouching for anyway? Let’s face it, the famous fashion magazines are all tailored to the young single woman anyway. The last thing a mum will be looking at, especially when she has a a wardrobe she no longer can fit into due to the mum body syndrome, is red carpet balls and anything slim.

So my question is, who are these three mums targeting when it comes to inspirational women for 2015? Do they represent the classic, intellect mother of all talents? Do they represent the stereotypical mum? Of course they don’t. They are just sex slaves to what the fashion industry and entertainment demand from them. What we are still programmed to buy into. Sex sells after all

Desperate House Wives and Mums  On The Red Carpet

Now the truth be had, Beyonce and Ms Kardashian prove that they don’t need a man to be filthy rich. They don’t need a man to meet their every need. Well sexually they do, but hey, I am sure there is a line up of men who would be there for their taking. I guess it’s why they are dressing this way on the red carpet, right? Marketing the idea that wearing less is best and you can have a good look at their private bits. Why in 2015 do we think that prostituting ourselves at this level is a classy thing?

As for Ms Lopez, she is single after all. Showcasing her epic 45 year old body and her private bits is acceptable, right? It is the only way that all the press are going to talk about her. It is the only way in 2015 you will be deemed as a successful woman in the entertainment sector. Sex sells after all and nothing else.

You’re Talent Is Secondary

Ms Lopez, let alone Beyonce, are two of the most talented woman out there in the music industry. They are gifted on many fronts, yet these women allow themselves to be put into compromising positions of soft porn. It will be only a matter of time when you’re going to have all revealed on the red carpet. What message are they giving us women out there who are working hard to be paid and treated as equal in the male sector of workforce? This does not count. It’s your body parts that have made you who you are.

But I am still wondering why these three woman thought they had to dress like Geishas. We all know what I mean by that. I’m holding back the tears writing this. The three very woman who could be such an inspiration to us all, for me certainly, have lost my respect a long time ago.

Cher It’s Your Fault

Now they all admitted their inspiration came from Cher when she wore this outfit in the seventies. But what message are we giving out to the world watching back then and still watching now?


It’s simple isn’t it. Sex sells and women all over the world still succumb to that sad state of affair. Whether it be sport, film, TV, fashion and celebrity lifestyle. That your private bits are all that matters, no matter who you are as a woman.

For the guys out there, I have spoken to women who have barely anything on and get really upset when guys come up asking for sex or implying it. Remember that what you dress like is your message. Cover up or expect the wrong sexual message. For men, it’s in their DNA. What your wear is a visual invitation for men.

It seems that this mindset that the media still showcases is driven in some way or another when it comes to reaching the top and staying in the lime light that showing off your bits is still the best way for front page stories. I mean Game of Thrones certainly showcases that historically and more so than ever.

Ms. Kardashian West in Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli



Beyonce’s custom-made Givenchy. A new cross-border transparency? Read between the beads.



Ms. Lopez in Versace