Who has the right to tell any woman in the soaring heat? They can’t wear denim shorts. These timeless shorts have always been popular around the globe. How are the women in Venice and Amsterdam wearing their denim shorts? Whether you like them or not.

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Amsterdam seemed to opt for white cowboy boots as a contrast and aviators, neutral colours is popular here.

This is the casual and what seemed to be worn a few years back. Across the globe, it was a much more travel, sporty look. But the Italians in Venice are switching it up with a soft glamour street style summer vibe.

denim sporty spice shorts

Why do We love To Wear Denim Shorts?

They are so popular here in Venice and around the globe. All photography is by me walking the streets of Venice this week, July 2021. Thank God for no more showing off your cheek butts. I found this horrible. It’s all about longer length and larger size or goes up one size shorts for this summer.

The actual denim shorts are just a basic background for you to opt for many different denim styles for this summer.

The key to making them more glamorous is with accessories.

Moschino Top denim shorts venice 2021 summer

Great to see heels, this lady rocks the denim soft glamour look.

Go Up A Size Denim Shorts

This is the new denim short trend. Opting for one or two sizes bigger and teaming it with a luxury belt.

Moschino Top denim shorts venice 2021 summer

Crochet Tops

The key is to wear tops that are nicer than a t-shirt. So my crochet top teamed with chunky coral gives the denim shorts a sift glamour look.

This sees through black top with a black studded belt and sandals gives the overall boho-chic look.

Her silver bracelets complete the overall look.

Fifty Plus

If you have the legs, confidence then opts for a gladiator-inspired boho Nioami Watts style. This Italian lady has amazing tan and legs. She was very confident strutting the streets of Venice. I like how she teamed it with gladiator sandals.

Denim Shorts Style Tips

I am turning fifty this month and still wear my denim shorts.

denim shorts cowboys boots

I like how she opts for lace front denim shorts. More casual glamour and over fifty this look fabulous.

Luxury Mini Clutch Bags

Lot’s of women team their denim shorts with a luxury brand to give it an overall luxury message. Loui Vuitton on this occasion.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage bag Gracie Opulanza Venice

I like to team my denim shorts with a YVL vintage bag.

The shorts are a respectable length and with tattoos and boho sleeveless top and floating long hair. She rocked the look. I am noticing women are opting for long hair this summer. Accessories can make or break your denim shorts style.

Denim Shorts Style Tips

Long Cardigans

Now I loved this overall look. The long green cardigan gave the denim shorts a more upmarket look. The sequin cardigan, teamed with olive green wedges was perfect. That red leather bag completed her overall look. This effortless look with a respectable length of denim shorts can be rocked by any woman at any age.

Denim Shorts Style Tips

Here in Amsterdam, the trend continues on this occasion with very high heels too.

denim shorts Amsterdam

Denim Shorts - How To Wear Them At Any Age

Her partner looked fabulous in yellow. This colour looks great with denim shorts.

Denim Shorts - How To Wear Them At Any Age

Oversize Eyewear

Eyewear gives it a summer vibe an upmarket look especially if you are over fifty. Don’t forget your sunglass/eyewear style too.

denim shorts Zara Summer

Team them with Prada eccentric eyewear is a must.

red Prada Baroque Limited Edition made In Italy Prada Baroque Limited Edition made In Italy

My limited edition Gucci is turning heads for Venice.

Gucci Gracie Opulanza Venice

Leather Jackets

I find Uterque does fabulous leather jackets for summer, great for a woman over fifty.

When travelling, I find they are great especially when it’s very warm.

denim samsonite stetson

Leather Belts

Don’t be afraid to top for different leather belt styles. They can change the image of your denim overall style.

Gucci Belts made in italy


Birkenstock has made a huge comeback, especially during the lockdown. It gives a much more casual look and a message I am strolling on my holiday. For a city like Venice, far too casual for me. Notice the long hair is also part of the accessories, teamed with a cloth over the shoulder bags.

denim shorts summer tips

Bling Shorts

I bought these ways back in 2019. I still turn heads in my oversized, white and bling denim shorts. I like to team it with the Salvatore Feragamo belt.

denim shorts twinset italy

I like to also team it with a swimwear top. I don’t do that here in Venice. But when taking the Riva boat to Lido beach, I opt for this look.

Cowboys Boots

Lot’s of different messages when you team your denim shorts with a cowgirl style.

denim shorts twinset italy

Here in Amsterdam cowboy boots are so popular.

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I like to wear them with ankle cowboy boots.

cowboy boots denim lace shorts

Stetson Hats

I find hats look good with denim shorts. They are all about showcasing your summer style. I wear Stetson hats all the time with my denim bling shorts.

denim shorts twinset italy

I like to wear them with my leather jacket made in Tuscany.

denim shorts gracie opulanza twinset

I am teaming this with silver heels and a leather backpack. Gives it a real edgy, rock-chic vibe.

denim shorts twin set stetson hat

Regarding your handbag. Opt for a Dior canvas Tote and if unsure wear two luxury handbags like here in Venice.

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