Last week I walked into a very empty Gucci, in Rome. I was greeted by three shopping assistances. I was curious to see what the North Face x Gucci capsule collection I saw on my Instagram quality looked like? Many luxury brands are doing these collaborations.  Teaming up with other historical fashion brands. It is the key to Gucci’s success during this pandemic.

I was told, It was all sold out worldwide. They asked me if I would like to purchase anything else? I replied,

I am Alta Moda, I don’t buy Gucci.


Why did I respond with such rudeness? I am in Europe I have a passion for authentic products made in Italy. Going in any Gucci stores both here in Europe and Asia for the last few years.  I can say that Gucci is nothing to do with Italian heritage no more. When it comes to brick or mortar retail the Made In Italy is far from Gucci’s business model. It’s very clear when it comes to Gucci sustainable practices there are none at all. They are all about Made In Asia.

Gucci Vintage

I own Gucci Vintage, the Gucci collection today is for an Asian market. There is nothing supreme when it comes to any capsule collection of Gucci for 2021.

Gucci Made In China

Made In Italy

Mattia Traverso and Cristina da Silva Guimarães from the Accademia Italiana delle Arti del Disegno an Italian school of design. Are teaching students how a school of design can contribute to Smart Luxury in China. This is about money, not brand loyalty, let alone the authenticity of what the brand for example Gucci was founded on. The Gucci trend transparency is questionable.

I question the authenticity of the Gucci brand itself. I saw many fake Gucci bags in Vietnam and they were damn good replicas. How much of it is truly Italian? Where is it really made?  Last year in Venice I tried on Gucci and I felt I was being lied too regarding the silk, linen and where that was being sourced? Italy still makes their own silk and linen and you can spot the difference between the Asian ones.

China is the masters of fake goods. It’s a fact that the Chinese come here to Italy for many years now and learn the art of artisans work. Last week in Rome a man was selling Chinese silk. he said it was cheaper to buy it from China than Italy.

KAI x Gucci Collection South Korea

I have been to South Korea and understand their obsession with luxury brands like Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Cartier Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta.  Thanks to social media influencer and millennials preferences this is why Gucci’s success is targeting South Korea or Chinese social media. Now, inspired by KAI, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has designed the KAI x Gucci Collection, a selection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories.

The key focus is on a distinctive decorative motif of a teddy bear wearing a blue bow tie.

It’s exclusive to South Korea and Gucci used Korean photographer Min Hyunwoo and Film Director Woogie Kim with KAI. It was all filmed on the streets of Seoul. Gucci understands the millennial values when it comes to selling the teddy bear and identifying with South Korea.

Gucci Unveils The Kai x Gucci Campaign

I have been to Asia for many years. I am intrigued by how retailers celebrate the relationship between human beings and their fluffy, furry friends. I have also been to Hong Kong, the celebrity power they have over the consumer regarding fashion teddy bears and everything luxury fashion brands made in Europe is a cult.

Asians identify their self worth on these luxury brands. Gucci knows and plays on the fashion physocogliy on Asian people.

In recent years it is the only reason brands like Gucci,Prada is stronger than ever. They go and sell where the money is, Asia.

Gucci ‘Black Widow’

What a perfect time for Gucci. Lady Gaga is in Rome filming a feature by Ridley Scott about Gucci ‘Black Widow’ Who is playing Patrizia Reggiani, who served 26 years in jail for ordering the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in 1995? I am sure in Milan they are working out what will be on the runway during this Gucci ‘Black Widow? We certainly know it will target China and Asia.

Black Lives Matter

Gucci Black Lives matter

I am trend predicting that the Black Lives Matter movement will also be part of the Gucci matra. I wonder if it will be done in America or Africa with an African photographer?

I Don’t Buy Gucci China

I assure you as I write, Asia will be in full swing creating many fake replicas of the Gucci teddy bear in mainland China, Shanghai. In the last year, I am working with Italian artisans and see with my own eyes the real brand Made In Italy.

Gucci is not Italian focused as no Italians can afford to buy it. I won’t buy Gucci made today because I do wonder, where are the fabrics, leather let alone how the people are being treated making Gucc?

I am Alta Moda, I don’t buy Gucci.