Winter can be so unflattering for women; it’s the time of year when we need to brace the great outdoors and wrap up warm and this means one thing bulk! Getting a lot of emphasis on the runway is the puffa jacket and whilst this look has its place in the fashion world it’s not particularly elegant or sophisticated. Many people believe that it’s hard to dress in a feminine manner when it’s cold outside, but, on the contrary, we believe there has never been a better time to embrace womanly clothing.

Over the years the fashion world has seen a dizzying array of clothing shapes and styles, but when it comes to flattering female shapes, vintage fashion really comes into its own.

If you’re looking for elegance, look back to the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and you’ll be surprised at what you find (and we can guarantee you won’t find a puffa jacket in sight).

So how can you look elegant during winter? And what vintage styles should you look out for?

Take a look and see:

Fur Coat

Now we’re not condoning wearing real fur, of course (although there is an ongoing debate about wearing recycled fur), but most vintage stores are awash with a good quality fake fur coats. A fake fur coat will instantly add glamour to your wardrobe and add an element of sophistication to your style. Make sure you get the coat dry-cleaned before you wear it though because otherwise you may end up smelling like a charity shop and that isn’t glamorous at all. I own vintage fur coats they are in mint condition and very stylish. I bought them in a vintage shop.

fur vintage coat ( fur vintage coat (


Stay warm and look great at the same time. How can you do this? Wear wool! Woollen coats, jackets, red cape, moss poncho and skirt suits look totally fabulous and create a strong winter look without adding bulk. Team a wool suit with heels and an overcoat to create a dramatic look.

Green moss gracie opulanza Tuscany 2021 150 year old tree wool (4)

red wool cape


The thing about most winter hats is that they simply aren’t feminine. You never saw Marilyn Monroe or Greta Garbo wearing earmuffs. But this doesn’t mean to say that you cannot keep your head warm when it starts to snow. Hats + vintage = perfect combination. Take a look at any vintage store and you will see a wide variety of hats. If you’re going for full-on glamour then a 1930s turban makes a huge statement. The same goes for 1920s cloche hats; this style oozes movie star glamour and will keep your head warm too.

Vintage Hats

Leather Gloves

No vintage outfit is complete without an elegant pair of gloves. Preferably leather and either elbow-length or cropped at the wrist, a decent butter-soft leather glove will instantly make you feel like a real lady.

Leather vintage gloves


Cover up those legs and invest in a good pair of seam tights. These can look fantastic when worn with a pencil skirt or tea dress. Combine with a long wool coat and chunky heeled shoes for an up-to-date Land Girl look.

Tights vintage


Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean to say it’s not sunny. Add a dash of instant glamour to your outfit and cover your peepers with a pair of oversized Jackie-O glasses don’t mix your eras though and wear them with the cloche hat or you’ll look like the little girl who raided the dressing up box.

Jackie Kennedy Sunglasses