It occurred to me this week that whilst walking the streets of Europe, the true style icon heroes are the elderly. They have nothing to prove, they wear those clothes with a clear message: “we are not people pleasers”. They don’t follow trends and age has no boundaries when it comes to them showcasing their unique collections. In most cases they are not brand obsessed and the charity shops are the core of their wardrobes.

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If It’s In Vogue We Don’t Wear It

This is a clip from Fabolous Fashonistas, a documentary exploring the art of ageing in the company of six extraordinary women with an average age of eighty.

What I like in this trailer is when the old ladies go to a boutique and they get told what is in Vogue. These older ladies like me simply turn their heads and ask what is not in Vogue. In other words, what is left on the shelf is more what these elderly style icons are into.
Historically we are used to the celebrity style icons, but what is encouraging is to see that these ladies over eighty are putting themselves out there. They set the bar that at any age, the way you look is still important. The way one acts and their behaviour towards fashion is crucial. Age has no limits when it comes to fashion.

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Fashion Can Be Bought But Style Cannot be Taught

Also in this trailer, one lady talks about the most she has paid for a piece of clothing, £4 to be exact. An activist at heart and one that won’t allow trends, let alone age, redefine how she should act towards life. This is how powerful clothes can be on people. The way you dress certainly gives out a clear message on where you are in life and how you feel about life. Age has no limits and fashion does not either.
Style is a gift that one has to learn and you have to be able to understand what works for you and what does not. The body changes, the mind matures, and therefore what looked good once may now be deemed not pleasing to you. The key to being older and wiser is that you accept who you are and change what you can. Your wardrobe is certainly an item throughout your life which you can take control over, at anytime of your life.
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How Old Can You Be Until You Become Unemployable

In the age of the internet, it is amazing what you can do if you put yourself out there. In this trailer you will also hear why she chose to ask for a job at her age, and what the iconic high street store GAP did when she asked if she could work for them. Your style can change your destiny, it can challenge the very stereotypical ways of how we perceive what someone should look like to be within the workforce. If you suffer any form of depression, then one of the best ways to get over it is to serve other people. By doing that it focuses your energy on others and your inner healing and revelation comes through by doing it.
Three things in life that never come back once they’re gone: TIME, WORDS & OPPORTUNITY.

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