Almost a year ago I went to a celebrity charity ball called one OneforTheBoys. A great deal of effort and time went into my look. I was very unsure what to wear and how dressed up I should be. I always have a golden rule that if one is unsure, it is better to be dressed up than to be dressed down. Now even though this was not black tie event, it certainly attracted an immense amount of high profile guests and celebrities. The marketing by Samuel L Jackson was an indication that one should put in as much effort as possible. I have to say I was shocked when I scouted around and saw how poorly some women were dressed. Was I really at an A-lister event? What had happened to the dress code rule? Oh no, why are woman not dressing up? What The Fashion Is Going On?

Black Tie, Gala Ball And Cocktail Party Wedding, Any Party

When reading the fashion magazines and some of the discussions from the Daily Telegraph about black tie events, Gala balls, weddings or a cocktail events, treat it like if attending a black tie event.

For ladies, a smart dress (such as a cocktail dress) is appropriate. It can be long or short, as long as it’s not too short. It need not be black. Well if you are attending a cocktail party then a cocktail dress should be worn. If attending a celebrity Gala Ball, then the message should be loud and clear. Dress to impress and take and make the effort in doing so. If you have been invited to a wedding, then also dress to impress.

Celebrities Comments About What I Wore

The advantage I had when walking in to Onefortheboys was the instant reaction I got when I entered the room. When you’ve got the likes of Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson going out of their way to meet and greet you, the message is clear. My dress, my hair and eyelashes, let alone my diamonds, certainly left a long standing impression. So much so that women who’d made no effort at all, and I mean no effort, came up and asked how I managed to get one of the two top actors attention. I explained the time and effort it took to look this good. Fashion is a bitch after all, and dressing up takes time and effort.

Why Make The Effort

For those reading and asking yourself why should I make an effort to dress up, it is simple, because you are worth it. If you are looking for a confident booster, then dress up. If you are looking for positive flirting attention, then dress up. If you want to know how the public sees you and your personal style, then dress up. The chances of any of us being on a red carpet is totally up to you. The chances when you do get invited to a posh event does not come often for many. So I encourage you not to be intimidated by the prospect of dressing up. There are many high street stores who will take the time to guide and help you. If they do and you go out and get a lot of attention, make sure your stylist is aware. Get your mates involved, borrow an outfit if you must. Charity shops are a good place too. Network and get your mates to see who could do your hair and make – up.

Try Before The Big Day

I have no idea why we put so much effort into our wedding day thinking it is the only last time in our lives we can dress to impress. So the same here. Ask friends around and do a mock up trial. Make it a fun evening for all. What is the worst that can happen? They don’t like what you are wearing. If you’re active on social media, get your followers to choose an outfit for you as well. I do that all the time and it is so much fun.

Social Media Your Outfit

If you have been inspired to dress up, then please use your social media talents and send me an image. I would love to add it to this article. The following images are my definition that dressing up needs to be always taken seriously. You only live once and some opportunities only pass you by once.