One4TheBoys Gala Ball In Aid For Testicular Cancer

What does one wear when you are up against the most beautiful women in the world. How does one stay cool, calm and collective when the fashion pressure is on.  How does one dress when you are amongst the world top fashion designers. It’s very simple you get yourself styled by Zoe Della Rocca  you wear Kristina Goes West and you wear diamonds by Misahara Jewelry.  You get bespoke nails done by Dana Taylor.

The reason is you stick to the people you trust and know Gracie Opulanza. You let them do what they are trained for and trust your team.

Samuel L Jackson – First Impression Counts

I have never met Samuel L Jackson so when he was greeting his guests I knew that first impressions count. Samuel turned around and it was the first time I have met him and vice versa.

He stopped, glared and greeted me with a  dead  silence. I waited, I introduced myself to him and he gave me a kiss on both cheeks and simply said WOW.

Grow Some Balls and Sort It Out

It was a tough night for so many and here is my advice to men about why their balls need to be well looked after.

Photo’s by the fabulous Maria Scard