Hairstyles For Women

Women are most confused when it comes to hairstyles. Wherever they go, they want to do their best with hair. You wish to choose the best hair styles that go with the type of hair and also with the one that matches your face. With Formula 1 on to its way, women are more in search of best hairstyles. Let’s look at some of the hairstyles that can make you look pretty.

  • Long Layer Cut

If you are really a fan of lengthy hair and you wish to try a new style without shortening your hair, the best option would be layers. This hairstyle suits on any type of face, provided that you should have long hair. Layers can be perfect when done on a long hair and maintaining layers in front and shaping the back length is good for those who have fine hair. The little movement of these layers gives your appearance a stylish look.

  • Long Layers with Side Bangs

Side bangs always adds greater attraction to layers. They add an extra framing and projection to your face. These styles of cut more suits round faces and these cuts can give an elongate appearance to your rounded face. The longer face framed layers gives an appearance that you have long thick hair.

  • Side Bun

Side Buns are usually recommended for curly hairs. Tug at the bun and leave some strands of the tresses loose and that will be the easiest and prettiest bun and if you prefer wider shapes, then youmay leave strands loose out or do a deeper side part to give an illusion of lengthy hair.

  • Retro Glamour

A finger wave style, which is a sheer essence of glamour, a retro glamour style so much reflects dramatic personality. The best thing about this style is it suits wavy and straight hair and also looks wonderful on any facial shape.

  • Textured Asymmetry

This is really a trendy style which suits short hair. One side is slightly angled and the other side is steeply angled. This type suits all shapes of faces, but then much prettier on short hair rather than the longer ones.

  • Curly Bob

Nothing cuter than adding curls to a bob. This style reflects a softer and bouncier style that enhances a feminine look for short hair women. The style goes good with short and best with medium hair.

  • Modern Bouffant

Modern Bouffant is preferably a time saver. The style looks good even on messy hair. Bouffant, as the name suggests, is a back combed height created with side brushed fringe. This height style makes a wide shape appear narrower. So if you are a bit late and confused on hair style, this is the best style.

  • Bangs and Long Layers

Bangs are almost trendy now. A combination of straight cross bangs and long layered cut can look more trendy and cute. This style matches all face shapes except round and will look better on medium length hair.

  • Braiding Frenzy

This style is best for curly hair. In almost all curly hair, any style would look more complicated. Wrapping a simple braid around a fishtail braid can reflect a stylish and elegant look.

  • Pony with a Kick

Another stylish hair style, where the top hair is laid flat and pulled back to a pony and the curls fall behind, leaving few strands in front. A good to go style with curly medium or lengthy hair, this style is more trendy and well-designed these days.

Wicked shots by Maria Scard